Knysna Houseboats

Experience life on the water and stay on a houseboat

Be the captain of your own vacation on one of Knysna’s houseboats.

Life on the water. It sounds like an idyl reserved for the super-rich, or giant crab fishermen off the coast of Alaska. But in Knysna, life on the water is within reach of anyone visiting the best holiday spot in South Africa. There is a myriad of boating activities to enjoy: take a cruise, rent a boat or canoe with friends. Whatever you do, get close to the water. It’ll revive your spirit for adventure and invigorate your soul. And renting a houseboat puts you at the helm of your Knysna adventure.

renting a houseboat in Knysna

No skipper’s licence required

The best bit? You don’t even need a skipper’s licence to take to the water. You’ll either be given a crash course on navigating the channels (but try not to crash), or you can rent a stationary houseboat already at anchor.

The calls of seabirds and the gentle eastern sunrise over the water will wake you to watch the mists dissipating off the mirrorlike surface of the water. Spend the day showing the anglers how it’s done from the depths of the Knysna lagoon, or simply relax on deck with a good book, a cool drink and a couple of snacks from the area’s local producers.

Houseboat on the Knysna Lagoon

Lunch on board, or out

Even if you don’t catch any fish, catch some rays as the sun sets over the most beautiful vacation spot in South Africa. Then either make use of the self-catering facilities on board, or dock to enjoy delicious meals along the Knysna and Thesen Island waterfronts.

Have a traditional South African “braai”

Many of the houseboats available to rent in Knysna come with charcoal grills on board so you may experiment with authentic South African braai recipes while afloat on one of the country’s most loved bodies of water. Some are pet friendly, so bring Fido to enjoy a floating vacation with the rest of the family.

However you decide to chart your Knysna houseboat adventure, be sure to keep a captain’s log as you’ll want to remember this unique experience for many years to come. This is a truly unique, family friendly holiday experience that is too good to miss out on. Contact the Visitor Information Centres for more information on this one of a kind holiday experience.

Useful information:

  • Adhere to the instructions of the company renting you your houseboat. They’re showing you how to enjoy the experience with the least bit of trouble.
  • Keep the lagoon’s channels, sandbanks, bridges, weather and tides into account when planning your houseboat holiday.
  • Children and those not used to the water should wear flotation devices at all times.