Scootours in the Knysna Forest

Enjoy a Scootour in the Forest

If you are looking for some adventure with a different type of thrill, head to the Knysna forest for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Fancy seeing the forest on a scooter? Legs and bicycles are not required with this non-motorised, eco-friendly chubby scooter. It is as exciting as you want it to be, but at the same time safe enough for any youngster who is confident on a bicycle.

A bucket list experience

Knysna Scootours was founded in 2015 in the Garden Route and has been described as an awesome bucket-list experience and one of the most popular things to do in the area.

Swiss design at its best

The Swiss designed Scootours are eco-friendly and are used in the Alps during the summer season on the ski-slopes when there is no snow. They are the size of a big off-road motorbike and have big-fat-tyres making it very safe and stable, so no tricky balancing act needed.

Uphill not compulsory

If you don’t feel like hiking uphill, a truck is available to take you right to your scooter at the top of a long hill.

The fun is in the speedometer

The trick is how just how fast you want to go and that depends on who is driving. And herein lies the fun because from the top of the route it’s all downhill for about 3km – perfect for racing down the hill. A note of caution though – if you race downhill you may get some scooter scrapes and tattoos. However if you are a tad more cautious and would rather not get a scooter tattoo, you can enjoy a gentle amble on wheels, which is also great. The scooter can take two people and parents often enjoy the experience with a child sharing the ride.

Scootours in Knysna

Carefully chosen routes

The routes are carefully chosen, not only for the downhill suitability, but also for the best forest experience in the Western Cape. There are presently two trails – one in the Rheenendal forest and another in the forests of Gouna, behind Simola. The routes include exhilarating downhills through the through indigenous forests, sweeping bends (for those who crave the speed and thrill factor) and at times single track paths. They are working on new routes for the Garden Route so there may soon be other areas to explore on Scootour!

Scooter driving just part of the experience

The actual scooter is only just a part of the experience. The tours are guided by professionally-trained people who know their wildlife and the experience is enhanced by getting an inside track into the birdlife, fauna and flora which are unique to Knysna. On a lucky day, one might even get a glimpse of a majestic Knysna Loerie bird, shy bushbuck and wild boar.

This is a true forest experience and a highly recommended addition to your itinerary while visiting the Knysna area.

Scootours - fun for everyone

Pre-book your adventure in the forest

To avoid disappointment make sure to book your adventure in advance by calling +27 79 148 3751 or emailing