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Boat excursions

All aboard the many boating excursions in Knysna – with a fleet of boating adventures to experience in Knysna, you won’t be left adrift.

Yes, the area is known for the Knysna Forest and all the incredible natural beauty, but the ocean, lagoons, estuaries, lakes and rivers – and all the activities they offer – make Knysna one of the most exciting holiday destinations on the Garden Route of South Africa.

Aside from all the water-based sports to choose from, a cruise of some kind should top your list of things to do in Knysna. And you are spoiled for choice!


Whether you sail through the Heads or zip through by powerboat, it is always an adrenaline-filled adventure when you’re cresting the hills and sliding into the valleys of the huge waves forced through the neck of the channel. Even on a relatively calm day, even the most salted sailor will enjoy the thrill of this aquatic roller coaster.

Knysna RIB Adventures

Do you feel the need for speed? A rigid inflatable boat will take you skimming across the Knysna lagoon and, if conditions are favourable, even through the Knysna Heads and into the deep blue beyond.


Exclusive yacht and catamaran charters are available to take you cruising on the Knysna lagoon. Spoil the family or enjoy a romantic sunset cruise complete with oysters and champagne. There are not many better ways to take in the beauty of the lagoon and its shoreline than from the deck of your own yacht – even if it’s yours for only a few hours.

Ocean Sailing Adventures


Knysna oysters are known the world over. Discover this delicacy in a whole new way as you learn – and taste – the difference between cultivated and wild oysters while cruising towards the Knysna Heads. And what would an oyster cruise be without a glass of chilled white wine or two?

Dining on deck

Many of the cruises offer drinks and snacks, while others will invite you to bring your own. Or you can dine on a floating restaurant. Enjoy great food as you cruise along the Knysna lagoon and take in the sights of this beautiful and unique body of water.

Decks with a difference

Do you prefer to depart from a different dock, looking for another kettle of fish? There are many opportunities for a quirky cruise in Knysna. Board a 17th century styled paddle cruiser or climb on deck of Knysna’s own ‘oyster boat’. Sail with a pirate ship, a classic wooden beauty or gently motor up the Knysna River aboard a pontoon or party on a booze cruise. Boating on the Knysna lagoon is a fun activity with something sure to float everyone’s boat.

paddle cruiser

Solo sailors

You can also choose to be your own captain. Rent a houseboat for an unforgettable experience of overnighting on the Knysna lagoon. Contact the Visitor Information Centres to find out where you can rent a boat for the day, or take to the water on a kayak, canoe or SUP.

Marine life

You’re sure to spot an amazing array of birds when cruising on the Knysna lagoon or paddling along the network of estuaries, lakes and rivers in the area. And you are more than likely to spot some seals or dolphins and to enjoy some boat based whale watching when sailing the ocean beyond the Knysna Heads. The skippers and crews offering boating activities in Knysna pride themselves on their knowledge of marine life and will be more than happy to answer any questions.

boat based whale watching

Useful information

  • All boating activities are weather dependent.
  • Contact the companies directly to book and confirm your trip.
  • Most boating activities are family friendly.
  • Wear the life vests provided on board.
  • Always listen to instructions from the captain and crew.
  • Ask questions.
  • Remember to bring your camera, sun cream and a towel.