Knysna Kayak Race, Knysna Oyster Festival

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Hosting an event?

All events in Greater Knysna are governed by Knysna Municipality’s by-law pertaining to events. All events must have an event permit and, once your event has been approved through the relevant channels, scroll down to load it on our events calendar.

How to apply for your permit:
Register and create an online profile for your event at

  • Each event will require a unique username – we recommend using your event name without spaces (e.g. MyAwesomeEvent);
  • Log in with your username and password;
  • Complete the online Event Permit Application Form and submit;
  • Should you want to list your property as a potential events venue or location, you can upload and submit your property’s details with photos for verification on the relevant application form at;
  • Events service providers may register their businesses for inclusion in the Events Service Provider Directory at;
  • Alternatively, send a mail to or call +27 (44) 302 6585.

Has your event been approved? Great! Complete these fields and we’ll load it onto our events calendar.