The view point, Brenton-on-Sea

Getting around in Greater Knysna

Chauffeured or self drive. By car, by boat, by air or by bike – the choice is yours.

There are many ways to explore the greater Knysna area.

While the connecting N2 is a national highway, our internal roads are generally quiet and easily traversable in your own or rented car. While you’ll need to drive to the various destinations within the Greater Knysna area, they are all easy to explore by foot, and you’ll be sure to spot delightful scenes that you might miss from a car window. You can rent a bicycle (link to listings of bike hire) or, if you’ve brought your own, pedal through the quaint towns and along our beautiful estuaries. There are many tours to choose from in the various areas and these offer unique ways in which to experience the many activities in Knysna.

Private transfers

There are various private taxi services (link to listings) within Knysna. From sedans for up to four travellers to minibus taxis for larger groups, our private taxi operators are reliable and friendly. Please contact them directly for operating times and fares.


Download our maps (link to downloadable maps) for ease of reference, and share this page with your friends and family to show them how you’ll be exploring Knysna and the surrounding areas.

Exploring the other areas within the greater Knysna area

These are all along or just off of the N2 national highway. In fact, the N2 runs straight through Sedgefield and eventually becomes Knysna’s Main Road.

Karatara & Barrington

To get to to Karatara & Barrington, travel west along the N2 for approximately 20km. Turn right at the Karatara road sign onto the Karatara Road and, after about 4km, turn left to stay on this road. Turn right onto the Karatara/Seven Passes Road after about 10km and, after roughly 2km Karatara will be on your left.

Buffalo Bay

When going to Buffalo Bay , travel west from Knysna on the N2 (direction Cape Town) for approximately 12km and turn left at the Buffalo Bay road sign. Follow this road all the way into Buffalo Bay for roughly 9km.


To get to Rheenendal, head west from Knysna along the N2 (direction Cape Town) for roughly 13km. Turn right into the Rheenendal road at the road sign (almost at the top of the hill) and follow this scenic road for about 13km.

Brenton on Sea

Follow the N2 west (direction Cape Town) for about 6km to get to Brenton-on-Sea. Just after crossing the lagoon, turn right at the Brenton on Sea road sign. Take the right turn towards the bridge and follow this road for about 5km into Brenton on Sea. You’ll pass historical Belvidere on your left (the beautiful Holy Trinity Church is worth a visit), as well as the road to Brenton on Lake (also to your left, at the crest of the hill).

Top Tip: Make sure to stop at Margaret’s viewpoint at the top of the hill for a spectacular view over the lagoon to Knysna.


Noetzie is a small hamlet that lies to the east of Knysna (towards Port Elizabeth) along the N2. Turn right onto the gravel Hornlee Road at the Noetzie road sign after about 6km. This becomes the Noetzie Road, and you’ll reach the beautiful little beach after roughly 5km.

Please refer to the distance (in kilometre) and travel timetables below. Please note that these are accurate to within 5km and that traveling time may differ due to traffic or road conditions.

Distances & Times

Approx. distances (km):
  Noetzie Knysna Brenton-on-Sea Rheenendal Buffalo Bay Karatara & Barrington Sedgefield
Sedgefield 36 25 26 31 22 20
Karatara & Barrington 50 38 40 18 35 20
Buffalo Bay 35 21 22 27 35 22
Rheenendal 34 23 24 27 18 31
Brenton-on-Sea 25 14 24 22 40 26
Knysna 11 14 23 21 38 25
Noetzie 11 25 34 32 50 36
Approx. travel time (mins):
  Noetzie Knysna Brenton-on-Sea Rheenendal Buffalo Bay Karatara & Barrington Sedgefield
Sedgefield 45 25 25 25 20 20
Karatara & Barrington 55 35 35 30 30 20
Buffalo Bay 40 25 25 25 30 20
Rheenendal 45 25 25 25 30 25
Brenton-on-Sea 35 15 25 25 35 25
Knysna 20 15 25 25 35 25
Noetzie 20 35 45 40 55 45