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Your personal list of things to do in Knysna.

This space is your personal journal for planning your dream vacation in Knysna. You can easily navigate to lists of activities, adventures and accommodation options in Knysna from here. Every time you spot the symbol next to something you simply have to try when in Knysna and the surrounding areas, just click on it. When you next visit this page (by clicking the same suitcase-icon displayed at the top right of our website’s pages), each of your well-chosen selections will be displayed below, along with their contact details. And in the highly unlikely event that you’d prefer to remove one of your choices, click the Remove from wishlist? button (don’t worry, you can easily relist anything you’ve deleted). When you’re done, download your personalised Knysna itinerary by hitting the Create PDF button, no mess, no fuss.

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