A beguiling interactive art route has created a wonderful meander in Knysna

A product of the #knysnaartporoject the Knysna interactive art route was initiated in 2020. The aim of the route, a collaboration between the Knysna Art Society, Visit Knysna and the Knysna Municipality, was to re-assert Knysna’s reputation as a centre of art, culture and creative talent. And Knysna did not disappoint!

The art pieces range from big sculptures to strategically placed mosaics and murals. It is a great opportunity to explore the greater Knysna area and experience the unique and diverse nature of all that’s on offer. Look out for the following art creations:

2.2m tall Rasta Priest

Judah Square in Khayalethu, Knysna is home to the largest community of Rastafarian people in South Africa.

A towering 2.2m tall Rasta Priest was created by local ceramicist Eugene Lewis. under the mentorship of well-known sculptor Suzanne du Toit. Standing on the Mount at the entrance to Judah Square, he welcomes visitors with hands posed in the traditional Rastafari diamond gesture – a symbol of the Seal of Solomon. The sculpture is a tribute to Haile Selassi.

Top Tip: If you time your visit around lunch time, make sure to taste the scrumptious vegetarian fare at Chef Mau-Mau’s Rise ‘n Shine Restaurant in the Village.

The giant ceramic “Wall of Wings”

Brenton on Sea is part of the Western Head Goukamma Conservancy and home to the rare Brenton Blue Butterfly.

The giant ceramic “Wall of Wings” at the beachfront is a giant celebration of a tiny butterfly that is found nowhere else on earth but here. Almost invisible to the eye in its natural dune fynbos habitat, the sculpture reminds visitors of its presence and encourages them to stop and consider the unique biodiversity of the Conservancy, and Brenton on Sea. Plus, it’s a great “selfie spot”! 😉

Colourful surf, sand and sea mecca

Buffalo Bay between Knysna and Sedgefield is one of Greater Knysna’s most popular swimming and surfing spots.

From the bright “Howzit” bridge mural created by surfer-artist Waldemar Van Wyk to the bus stop and ablution murals, mosaiced braai places and the “boardwalk” series of artworks on surfboards along the beachfront, the holiday destination of Buffalo Bay has been transformed into a colourful surf, sand and sea mecca. Take a drive and enjoy the beautiful countryside of the Goukamma area, the coastline and of course, the art works!

Sedgefield Mosaic Route

Sedgefield is fast-becoming the mosaic town of Africa, with more than 60 installations along the Sedgefield Mosaic Route.

The Mosaic Route includes a range of exquisite mosaics dotted in and around Sedgefield and the “LoveBug” is the latest addition to local organisation Masithandane’s skills development project. A full size cabriolet VW beetle, mosaiced in entirety in colourful contemporary fynbos imagery, adorns the side of the beautiful Sedgefield estuary. A fantastic feat, and well worth a visit!

“Kringe in ‘n Bos” mural

Knysna CBD is the historic and cultural centre of Knysna and home to most of the town’s museums and galleries.

Along the back wall of the old Town Hall (circa 1909), the 30-metre-long “Kringe in ‘n Bos” mural is a tribute to the author Dalene Matthee and the magic of Knysna. Eighty circular artworks (“Kringe”) painted by more than 60 artists capture the essence of Knysna, highlighting what it is that makes Knysna so special.

Thesen Island educational garden and seahorse artworks

Thesen Island and the Knysna estuary are home to the tiny, rare Knysna Seahorse.

The SANParks’ offices are the only place where you can see these tiny icons of Knysna up close (unless you’re very lucky). The educational garden and seahorse artworks here were created in collaboration with the SANParks Honorary Rangers to highlight another one of Knysna’s unique natural residents.

So wander off, take a road trip and go exploring! You are bound to be amazed!