Judah Square, Kayalethu South

The Judah Square Rastafarian Community Tour

Expand your horizons on the Judah Square Rastafarian community tour visiting Knysna’s one love Rastafari community

The Rastafarian people are members of the friendliest, most welcoming and accepting religious cultures you are bound to encounter. Taking a tour of Judah Square in Knysna is the best way to explore this unique community and to learn about their way of life.

Why visit?

South Africa’s rainbow nation is made up of many different cultures and religions, many of which are misunderstood. The Judah Square Rastafarian community tour is the most entertaining way to meet one of these groups on a very personal level.

The trained tour guides will tell you about the Rastafari beliefs and their way of life – while you encounter it first-hand. This tour is not a history lesson or a boring recitation of facts – the guides are animated, passionate and eager to share their unique lifestyles with you.

the judah square rastafarian community

You’ll also be astounded by the murals depicting Kind Haile Selassie, the Lion of Zion and other images representing aspects of the movement, often the starting point for chats about Rastafarianism and its history.

Visit the gift shop for a variety of Rastafarian-themed goods to remind you of your time with this unique group of people. They are a community brought together through religious commonality and a genuine desire to live a simple, communal life where your happiness is inextricably linked with mine.

What is Rastafari?

Begun in Jamaica in the 1930s, the movement combines aspects of Protestant Christianity, mysticism and a pan-African political consciousness. Rastas believe in Jah, or God, and that people of African descent the world over will one day return to Zion – the symbolic name for Africa and, according to their belief, Paradise. Rastafari levity is the principle of a balanced lifestyle that includes eating a natural, vegetarian diet. Rastafarians smoke marijuana to elevate their consciousness and intensify their connection with Jah.

Judah Square

What is Judah Square?

The largest Rastafari community in South Africa, and the religion’s administrative hub, Judah Square is home to the Rastas of Knysna. The settlement began in 1993 and, through fundraising by the community, has grown to now include a tabernacle, an edu-care centre, a holistic healing centre, an administrative office, a community hall, two B&B homestays and a food stall. Youth workshops take place on most Sundays where elders and other adults share their knowledge on Rastafari teachings, black history, music, arts & crafts, permaculture and other life skills that promote spiritual balance.

Useful information

  • Individuals and tour companies are welcome to visit Judah Square by appointment.
  • Visit Judah Square for more information and contact details.
  • Contact Visit Knysna if you struggle to reach Judah Square.
  • Add another dimension to your tour and overnight in one of Judah Square’s B&B homestays.
  • You will not be expected to smoke marijuana during your visit.
  • This is a family friendly activity.
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