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Explore Knysna On A Bike

Knysna has spectacular scenery that is made all the better when you experience it on a bike. It is a great way to “get up close” to the landscape and impromptu stops along the way.

Knysna is paradise for the mountain biker

Knysna is a mountain biker’s paradise. There are many trails through indigenous forest, contour paths in the plantations, jeep track and sand roads. The experienced rider will enjoy some technical single-track, and the weekend fun rider will find many accessible trails.

Take a slow ride around town

A wonderful way to explore the town of Knysna at a leisurely pace is on a guided tour with Knysna Hike and Bike. The guides at Hike and Bike have a wealth of information and stories to share, and the terrain is flat and you don’t have to tackle the many steep hills surrounding the town. They can also include some culinary stops along the way!

Take a slow ride around town

You can hire a bicycle at one of the local bike shops if you would like to take a ride on your own. Take a ride from town to Leisure Island – cycle around the island for some exquisite scenery! Visit any of the great coffee shops on the island of you need a break, and then make your way to the Eastern Head, where the estuary and the Indian Ocean meet. Visit the viewpoints to watch the waves surge through the Heads, explore some rock pools and read about the wreck of the Paquita on the ocean bed below. Visit the trendy East Head Cafe for some sustenance before you make your way back to town.

Seems like a lot of effort?

An e-bike could be the answer you are looking for. You can hire an e-bike ranging from electric bikes for those who want to cruise around town without expending too much effort, to those who want to hit the trails with a little help.

Don’t pooh-pooh it until you’ve tried it. You can still get a serious workout on an e-bike if that is what you are looking for. Some swear it’s the best fun you can have on a bike.

e-bike hire in Knysna

How about a motorbike?

Knysna is a popular destination for motorbike tours. The Garden Route deserves its name: the scenery is breathtaking. You can hire a Royal Enfield bike to explore, or bring your own!

Use the greater Knysna area as your base to explore the surrounding area. Glorious viewpoints, dramatic sunsets, beautiful coastlines, mountain passes and scenic drives make this area a motorbiker’s heaven.

Hire a Royal Enfield bike

Explore in a classic motorcycle side-car

The most fun and adventurous way to explore greater Knysna may just be on a motorcycle tour in a classic sidecar. Garden Route Sidecar Tours offer a range of chauffeur driven tours. They take you from the sea shore to the forest, and uncover many local secrets for you to enjoy. This will be a highlight of any trip to Knysna.

Explore Knysna in a classic motorcycle side-car

Happy biking!