Jubilee Creek

The Magic of Knysna

If you are sensitive to the rhythm of nature, you’ll feel at home under green canopies or close to the clear water of the lagoon. There’s magic in Knysna.

Settle the spirit: the ancient forest is the perfect place to reconnect with Mother Nature. Invigorate the body: breathe salty sea breezes deep into your lungs. Enchant the mind: wonder at the tides of the lagoon. You’ll quickly fall in love with Knysna.

Retreats for enchantment and whimsy

A retreat is always good for the soul … and the body too. There are many of these in this area where you can relax, meditate, practice yoga, and eat organic, delicious and restorative food.

Re-energise at the Tree Spirit Cottages in the Gouna Forest, with 10 Day Yoga Adventure Retreats and four day Creativity Weekends. Another well-loved choice is Peace of Eden, a vegan eco-retreat with a pinch of magic. Pachamama in the Homtini Forest offers courses, volunteer projects, food gardens inspired by permaculture, and an on-going project of reforestation. Knysna Eat Sleep Retreat on the banks of the lagoon in Belvidere offers retreats for solitude and reflection, both communal and self-directed.

There are a multitude of ways to find yourself back onto the right path. You might even choose to seek out Margi McAlpine, a spiritual healer in Rheenendal with a passion for angels. She provides readings and facilitates workshops, retreats and courses at The Angel Warehouse.

Your own space at your own pace

Perhaps you prefer to spend time in your own space at your own pace. Take the time to enjoy sacred solitude in self-catering accommodation: stay in a cabin in the woods, a luxury tent, a treehouse, a rustic cottage, a room with a view, or a friendly Backpackers.

If you’re passionate about sustainable eco-projects, stay at one of the many eco-reserves hidden on the Garden Route. Reflections Eco-Reserve is a rehabilitated pine forest on the Rondevlei, surrounded by the Garden Route National Park. Or take a boat across the lagoon to the Featherbed Nature Reserve for an eco-excursion on the Western Head.

Reflections Eco-Reserve

Natural food

There are several places in town where you can stock up on delicious, artisanal and nutritious supplies. Fill up your basket with organic, farm fresh and organic foods on your Saturday morning visit to the delightful Wild Oats, Mosaic and Scarab Market in Sedgefield.

During the week, shop for your fresh produce (local and often organic) at places like the Grain Mill Organic Bistro, the Knysna Deli, and Lagoon View Grocers.

Grain Mill Organic Bistro

Move the body, heal the spirit

A thriving yoga community is very active in Knysna and you will be welcomed into any class. Some of the studios you can visit include Heron’s Way Yoga, Lotus Studio, Pure Yoga in Sedgefield, and Studio on Main.

Pure Yoga in Sedgefield

Dancing is a powerful way to release tension and excite the senses. Join a Dynamic Dance gathering for conscious movement and ecstatic dance. Experience Biodanza which promises transformation, joy, wellbeing and vitality.

Drumming African rhythms is another powerful tool. Whether you are a seasoned drummer or a beginner, join Garden Route Drumming for a memorable moonlight drumming session. Beat in time to your heart on imported, genuine djembes from Senegal, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, and Mali.


At the end of the day, maybe all you need is a quiet walk in beautiful surroundings, or to sit quietly and watch the waves break on a pristine beach. Welcome to Knysna.