Ocean Odyssey , Knysna

A team’s commitment to responsible tourism

Ocean Odyssey in Knysna offers unforgettable marine adventures including close encounter, boat-based whale watching tours, marine eco-tours and yacht charters. Behind the scenes this team works just as hard to transform tourism’s impact on nature and people.

A commitment to the ocean

  • Spring Clean Greater Knysna – For the past 3 years on International Coastal Clean Up day they have hosted clean ups all around Knysna. During the last clean-up they had approximately 300 people covering the greater Knysna area and collected over 300 bags of trash.
  • Blue Flag accreditation – their vessel are one of very few vessels in South Africa that is Blue Flag accredited. This accreditation, now 7 years running, shows that they are a sustainable boating operator. To receive this accreditation operators have to meet high standards expected from WESSA/Blue Flag
  • Ocean Odyssey assisted a number of marine researchers over the last few years. Most recently Danielle Conry and Alejandra Vargas with their research for their Masters and PhD at NMMU University.

A Commitment to the community they live and operate in

  • Ocean Odyssey is part of the Renewable Knysna group. The group addresses recycling in Knysna and ways to increase the amount of recycling done in the town.
  • Most of the team at Odyssey are qualified Nature Site Guides specifically focused on whale watching, and they are encouraging and assisting their staff to get qualified as well.
  • The team is involved in a number of community projects and fund raisers during the year, e.g. assisting the Knysna Dorothy Broster Children’s Home, old age homes and schools in the area, hosting clean-up operations and getting involved at KAWS (Knysna Animal Welfare Association).