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Choosing the wedding cake of your dreams

After choosing the perfect venue, one of the most important considerations for your wedding is the cake. Make it memorable!

It will be a focal point of your décor and the symbolic gesture of cutting it together as a newly married couple will provide an opportunity for your photographer to capture another memorable highlight of your big day.

Markus Farbinger, baker extraordinaire of île de pain, Knysna’s famous patisserie, has some great advice about choosing your dream wedding cake.

Markus Farbinger, baker extraordinaire of île de pain

“Today’s wedding cake is not just something to look at,” says Markus. “The old fashioned dense cakes with a thick sugar crust are no longer in vogue. The modern couple chooses substance and good taste over show. Clean ingredients, natural flavours and simple elegance inform the overall cake design.”

As with all the other aspects of your wedding, planning your cake should begin well ahead of the date because good pastry chefs have their diaries filled up to a year in advance. Start by choosing a cake designer who specialises in the style and quality of confectionary that you like.

Think about whether the cake is just for show, meaning for the photos, or whether it serves as the dessert for the evening. A delicious, light cake makes a great dessert, so make sure it’s big enough to serve to all your guests, unless you also have desserts on the menu. A nice idea is to serve the cake with a sauce, berries or ice cream.

“Keep the flavours simple and clean,” suggest Markus. “Explain what desserts you love or speak about a great dessert memory. Allow the designer to come back with creative choices. Choose your flavour with confidence – it’s your day! And don’t be shy to ask for a tasting. It makes for a great pre-wedding event.”

Decorate the cake with fresh flowers that match the theme. Your floral designer will be able to work with you on this.

Decorate the cake with fresh flowers that match the theme.

Markus advises that if the cake is small, a pick-up can be arranged. Anything else should be handled by the experts. “Delivering a cake for 50 guests or more on a sunny day is not for the faint hearted. A proper cake stand is key to ensure that even during longer trips all will be well. Keep in mind that some venues are off the beaten track and may not offer air-conditioning.

“Give the cake the right display such as in front of a mirror or central in the room with good lighting. There it becomes a significant part of the celebration and decor. Coordinate with the venue organisers and ensure it is not too close to the dance floor!”

Markus suggests that if you have no idea what you want, Instagram or Pinterest can get you started. Save your favourite images as inspiration for your first meeting with your pastry chef.

“A skilful and enthusiastic pastry chef is critical if you are looking for something special with an extra touch,” says Markus. “The proof will be in the pudding! By leaving your cake design to a specialist you take the worry out of another important item on your checklist and will have more time to enjoy your big day.”

And once the big day is over? Why not spend your first days as Mr & Mrs in one of the many honeymoon hideaways in the greater Knysna area….

* Article written by Jeannine Orzechowski – January 2021