Ecozest, Rheenendal

Choosing the flowers for your big day

Choosing the flowers for your destination wedding in Knysna is not only about taking part in an ancient tradition to wish the bride good luck, it also sets the tone for your special day.

Local floral designer DP Ferreira of Ecozest says that floral design for weddings is extremely varied these days and almost anything goes. “You could choose flowers that are wildly abundant and extravagant or very considered and minimal. What’s important is to remember that flowers are a beautiful expression of your love and happiness and will always remind you of your special day. They will be in many of your photos and it is worth investing in good design and quality flowers.”

DP Ferreira of Ecozest

Keep the flowers in mind when you choose a date

DP believes that the flowers could even dictate the date of your wedding. “If you are very specific about the flowers that you want for your wedding you should plan your day around the time that they are most likely to be available,” says DP.

Some flowers can be imported out of their natural season, of course, but there is a price implication. Using seasonally available blooms rather than having them flown in from other countries also means a much smaller carbon footprint. “I would say decide what is more important to you: the time of year that you get married or having the flowers you love.”

If you choose time of year, then you need to be flexible about your flower design. For instance, December is the worst time for king proteas. And if you love fynbos and a variety of proteas the best time will be from April to October.

“In the Garden Route we have wonderful flowers available most seasons, although in the hot summer months of January to March it can be a bit of a challenge to find some of the softer blooms. Spring and early summer boast a beautiful variety of flowers that are not available later in summer and autumn. Autumn is good for textures, autumnal colours and berries.”

DP says that you should also be aware that there are certain times of the year when flowers are more expensive, for instance around Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and other important holidays when they are used as part of the celebration.

“My advice is to meet up with a good florist early on in the planning stages and find out what flowers will be available at the time of your wedding. Have an open mind and allow the florist to come up with creative concepts that will enhance your vision.

DP Ferreira of Ecozest

Consider all the different aspects

“We work from a holistic viewpoint – the venue, the decor, the cake and the floral design should all work together. So it’s important to know your taste and style or to be totally adaptable and allow your floral designer or stylist to make it work within the venue.

“Our ultimate clients are those that have some idea of what they like but have an openness to creativity and unique expression that will create a look for them that is special and different because you don’t want your wedding to look like a thousand others.”

Pamper time, before and after the big day

Once all the decisions are made, like the venue, flowers and cake, find some ideas for pampering the bridal party before the big event, and how the bridge and groom can spoil themselves after the wedding with our handy itinerary for a romantic weekend.