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Medical procedures and recovery options

Going under the knife? Do it in Knysna.

World-class medical procedures and recovery options are available in Knysna. There is a wide variety of high calibre medical specialists with state of the art surgical theatres and -wards, the Life Knysna Private Hospital boasts a well-deserved reputation of being a first-class medical facility that operates to the highest of international standards.This is one of the many reasons that domestic and international patients choose to undergo treatment or surgery – and to recover – in Knysna.

Knysna Life Hospital

The award winning design of the surgical ward lends more of a boutique hotel feel to the space, largely due to the size, layout and use of glass and space. The smaller size of the facility means that patients enjoy personal care and, rather than simply receiving treatment, healing relationships are formed.

Knysna is home to some of the best specialists from most of the medical disciplines in South Africa, which means that not only can a multitude of procedures be performed, but all the necessary associated after care is also available to patients. There is a proven track record of fantastic surgical outcomes and low infection rates in Knysna – it must be due to the fresh, sea air… Whatever the reason, people from the furthest reaches of the country and abroad regularly travel to Knysna for procedures and specialist check-ups, and refer their friends and families to consider the same.

South Africa’s private healthcare system differs from the national healthcare systems in many foreign countries. Elsewhere one must work through a referral system to reach a consultant physician and then contend with an extended waiting period for certain procedures. In South Africa, your general practitioner refers you to a specialist or, in some cases, the patient may access the specialist directly. Procedures also take place as soon as medically and logistically possible.

Aside from a very favourable exchange rate, it is much more cost effective to undergo major surgery here than in most Western countries. In fact, the price for identical procedures tend to be between 30% to 70% less expensive in South Africa. There are also payment facilitation agreements in place with many international medical insurance companies so, not only can international patients access world-class healthcare, they can save money while doing so. And the most popular procedures amongst international patients? Orthopaedic, plastic and ear nose and throat (ENT) surgeries and treatments.

The Alexander Boutique Suites

Most procedures have a recovery period after the patient has been discharged, with some demanding extended recovery periods. Some cosmetic procedures require time for the body to adjust to the surgery and for the associated swelling to subside, while a back operation may take as long as eight weeks to recover from. Many accommodation options in Knysna have been designed to take recovering guests’ needs into consideration, and many of them are within close proximity to the hospital, making check-ups a breeze.

The Knysna Forest

And one could not ask for an environment more conducive to healing than Knysna and the surrounding areas to recover in. The indigenous forests that surround the town literally pump the atmosphere full of oxygen and the crashing waves and turning tides release tons of healing negative ions into the air. But, if you prefer to stay inside while recuperating, you’ll be sure to do so with an amazing view – which is not just relaxing for the body, but healthy for the soul.