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Knysna is a top medical tourism destination

There is a healing spirit in Knysna, with its location in the heart of nature.

Far removed from major cities, with panoramic views of the ocean, lagoon and mountains, there is a peace and tranquillity here that is conducive to health and wellness. The combination of the environment with expert medical resources and facilities offers the opportunity to national and international visitors to undergo treatment or surgery, rejuvenate, heal, or lose weight while enjoying a holiday in one of the top tourist destinations in South Africa.

A Garden Route destination that fosters healing

Knysna is becoming known as a destination for medical tourism; the ideal place to have a cost-effective medical procedure and recuperate in an environment that is conducive to healing.

It is also a place where you can spend time ensuring that your health is on track to counteract the onset of chronic illness at an early age.

It is not surprising that Knysna has seen an increase in international medical tourists. With the exchange rate hugely in their favour, these visitors fly to South Africa to take advantage of the skill, talent and experience of our cosmetic surgeons, dental professionals, fertility specialists, ophthalmologists and orthopaedic surgeons. They book and undergo various cost-effective surgeries or procedures, then come to Knysna to recuperate in privacy and seclusion, secure in the knowledge that the very best medical advice and care is available to them in this coastal town. Indeed, many tourists book surgeries in Knysna itself including cosmetic surgery, hip replacements, dental and eye surgery. The town boasts top medical specialists in these fields as well as a superb private hospital, an advanced surgical centre and an eye clinic.

Enhanced complementary healing

In Knysna, the healing process can be helped along with a variety of holistic, complementary wellness practitioners. There is no shortage of spiritual and energy healers, or experienced body therapists offering yoga, pilates, massage and body stress release. Qualified practitioners also offer nutritional support.

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The whole package

Patients who plan to spend time recuperating in Knysna are assured of an incredible temperate climate, a choice of excellent accommodation establishments, good restaurants offering healthy food options, and a vast range of activities to keep them busy and distracted.

It is not just patients who are looking for post-operative treatment and care who come to Knysna. When it comes to holistic preventative care, Knysna offers the whole package.

In Knysna you are able to seek out medical advice or have a medical check up and then book any number of top beauty, health and healing options to destress and enjoy some pampering. There are a variety of offerings to support those who are looking to achieve mental, emotional and spiritual wellness and balance, including kinesiology, iridology, bioresonance therapy, ozone treatments, live blood analysis, Rife treatment, cryotherapy, aesthetics, reflexology, EFT tapping, Access Bars®and more.

Wellness in Knysna

Overall wellness

And if you just want to support, enhance or kickstart a healthy lifestyle while on holiday, the Greater Knysna area is home to a number of superb gyms, yoga and pilates studios, spas and beauty salons where you can surrender yourself to the trained and experienced hands of local therapists.