Knysna Waterfront

Made in Knysna

Knysna is home to a thriving creative community and #KnysnaMade is a platform to celebrate the local talent. You will find a carefully curated showcase of high quality handmade items produced in the greater Knysna area at the Visit Knysna offices in Main Street, Knysna.

A platform for local arts & crafts

The concept of #KnysnaMade was born in October 2018 when a niche shopping experience was created to showcase the work of the many art & crafters in the Knysna-area.

Spoilt for choice

The Knysna Loving Local shop showcases and sells exclusively Knysna-made arts and crafts. An assortment of unique gifts and homeware items are available to purchase, created in a variety of mediums, by some of Knysna’s most talented makers.

The collection includes something for every taste, every occasion, age and budget, and every item is a quintessential part of the Knysna experience. Look out for an Assegai hand-carved wooden pen, a keepsake that will remind you of your holiday every time you use it. What fridge would be less than delighted to sport a Knysna Zawadi Fridge Art magnet? And yes, it is mandatory to complete your Knysna visit by taking an iconic Knysna seahorse or Knysna Loerie home – whether it is in the form of a magnet, card or ornament.

Stumped started making wooden toys in 2007 and grew to include DIY kits, puzzles, wooden games and novel kitchen items like fruit bowls and placemats.

Take Africa home with you with a Laser Works wooden map of Africa, or a piece of Raku pottery by Crazy Clay.

Avid readers of all ages are also catered for – The Dancing Tree by Michelle Wasserman is delightful for kids. PostCards from Knysna is an inspiring coffee table book featuring a collection of must-have Knysna photographs – all taken by local photographers. The book will remind you of the views, the people and the icons of Knysna. Or read the story of the famous Brenton-Blue Butterfly by Lynn Le Roux and try and spot them in the Brenton Blue Butterfly Reserve in Brenton-on-Sea. Or dive into the famous stories of South African author Dalene Matthee whose top four books were based in and around the Knysna forest. These have been translated into 14 languages with over a million copies sold worldwide.

Brighten up your décor with a brightly coloured Made By Yolanda tablecloth, place mat or cushion cover, or a hand-beaded Shweshwe angel.

Home of beautiful wood

Knysna is the home of beautiful wood and a wide-range of offerings in indigenous woods like Stinkwood Hard Pear, Wild Elder and Blackwood are available. Products from Timber Village are also on display – order yours to be delivered, or take home one of their bespoke, one-of-a-kind pieces from consciously sourced timber.

Timber Village, Knysna

Give back by buying a gift

Sales of some of the products on display will benefit local non-profit organisations. Proceeds of Mad Berries bracelets sales are going to local non-profit organisation, and buying some mosaic art from Masithandane will contribute to providing essential services to disadvantaged communities.

Made in Knysna crafts

#KnysnaMade is a #mustvisit when you are in Knysna so make sure to pop in at the Visit Knysna office for a unique showcase of Knysna’s finest locally made products. For more information contact or call the Visit Knysna office on +27 44 382 5510.