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Take a working holiday in Knysna and #wfk

Do you want to get away with the family during the school holidays or just need a break, but have deadlines and meetings that can’t wait? Come #WFK (work from Knysna) during the Knysna Oyster Festival, 9 to 18 July.
“There are many online hubs, coffee shops and restaurants and accommodation establishments with excellent Internet connections in Knysna,” said Festival Coordinator Andrew Finn. “So you can easily honour your work commitments in between enjoying the fun of the festival and everything else the greater Knysna area has on offer.”
Great care has been taken to ensure that all COVID-19 prevention protocols are adhered to. “Businesses are still operating, restaurants are open and exciting activities are on offer even on Alert Level 2 of the national lockdown, and they will be should the country move up to Alert Level 3,” said Knysna Executive Mayor Elrick van Aswegen. “While I urge all residents and visitors to wear their masks, continue social distancing and sanitizing, Knysna is open, and there is so much to do.”

At the heart of the Garden Route National Park, the area is full of trails to explore and natural marvels to experience. These out- of-doors adventures are the perfect decompressor after a long video meeting. Hiking trials wind through the forest, coastal fynbos and plantations, climb down gorges and follow valley edges. You’ll cross natural streams, visit rock pools and waterfalls and marvel at the massive indigenous trees that spurred Knysna’s historic timber industry. Well-maintained picnic sites are equipped with braai- and ablution facilities, with seating and fresh water available at various sites.

If you prefer exploring the forest on your bike, take on any of the five circular Harkerville mountain bike routes, or the linear Petrus- se-brand trail that starts at the Diepwalle Forrest office and ends at the Garden of Eden. It offers fantastic forest scenery, exhilarating downhills and ample streams from which to refill your water bottle.
Find your sea legs and take the family on any of the discounted boat-based adventures during the run of the festival. Enjoy sunset cruises, private charters and close encounters with whales and other aquatic species. Or board a real-life pirate ship, experience adrenaline trips on the lagoon or even stay on a houseboat.

Families will also enjoy touring some iconic local factories or visiting the Rastafarian community at Judah Square. Join a guided walking tour of Knysna’s most iconic heritage buildings and sites or find where X marks the spot with the Knysna Treasure Trail – a self-drive discovery of some of the town’s most prized gems.

Cultural afficionados may look forward to art exhibitions in Sedgefield and Knysna, from local arts associations to an Old Masters collection by the Southern Cape Association of Visual Artists (SCAVA). For a more immersive, interactive experience, join the local art world by touring the public interactive art pieces to take a couple of selfies, working studios and galleries, or even taking a lesson.

Visit Knysna General Manager Colleen Durant said that many daily refreshment offerings would be available throughout the 10 days. “Of course you’ll need some great food and drink to keep up your energy, or just for a fun time out. Our website is bursting with specials on offer at local coffee shops, restaurants and bars. You’ll also find incredible, exclusive accommodation offers at, so click on through and book your working vacation in Knysna. We already #WFK – why don’t you too?”

Full listings are available at
Browse Knysna’s accommodation options at
Follow us on Facebook and Instagram at @KnysnaOysterFestival and keep an eye on for updates.
Visit or their office on Thesen Island for more information on obtaining the relevant forest entry permits.
For information on the greater Knysna area view details on or pop in at the Visit Knysna information office on Knysna’s Main Road.

Contact Festival Coordinator Andrew Finn on email for more information, or call 0443825510.

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Get ready to shuck and roll: Knysna Oyster Festival is just around the corner!

Hold on to your shucking knives, because the Knysna Oyster Festival is back, and it’s ready to make waves like never before! Celebrating its 40th anniversary, this year’s festival promises to be a pearl of an event. From 30 June to 9 July, locals and oyster aficionados from around the country will descend upon the picturesque shores of Knysna for a feast of fun, food, and festivities.

Amidst the captivating beauty of Knysna, the 40th Knysna Oyster Festival is all set to deliver an epic experience. According to the Executive Mayor of Knysna, Cllr Aubrey Tsengwa, this year’s theme is “Have a whale of a time.” Says Cllr Tsengwa: “The theme was chosen because the festival coincides with the thrilling whale watching season in Knysna, which adds an extra layer of excitement and wonder to the event. Visitors can witness the majestic beauty of these magnificent creatures while immersing themselves in the festivities. But more than that, the ‘whale of a time’ theme signifies the abundance of activities available throughout the festival. From adventure sports to a wine festival, there’s an array of events that promise non-stop entertainment and an unforgettable experience for all attendees.”

The theme also pays homage to the region’s rich natural heritage and serves as a reminder of the breathtaking beauty that surrounds Knysna and enhances the overall festival experience. “It extends beyond the festival itself, highlighting the fact that there’s more to explore and enjoy in the greater Knysna area,” explains the mayor. “Visitors are encouraged to make the most of their time in Knysna by exploring its captivating surroundings, indulging in outdoor adventures, and discovering the local culture and attractions. The theme encourages attendees to embrace all that Knysna has to offer, ensuring a truly fulfilling experience beyond the festival grounds.”

Prepare to be spoiled for choice with an exceptional line-up of headline events that will have you savouring every moment. Whether you’re a foodie, sports enthusiast, or someone who simply wants to immerse themselves in the vibrant spirit of Knysna, there’s something for everyone.

Indulge in the briny delights of an oyster or a dozen! There will be two varieties on offer – the cultivated Pacific Oyster, and the wild oyster, also known as the Knysna Oyster. Cultivated oysters are grown in Gqeberha and Saldanha Bay in submerged cages or intertidal racks, while the wild Knysna Oyster occurs naturally along the Knysna coastline. With an abundance of these delectable gems on offer, you can slurp, savour, and sample to your heart’s content.

Immerse yourself in the adventurous side of Knysna with thrilling outdoor activities. From hiking and cycling through stunning landscapes to kayaking along pristine waters, there’s no shortage of heart-pounding fun for adrenaline junkies.

Embrace your competitive spirit and take part in an array of sporting events. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a weekend warrior, there are challenges and competitions to test your mettle.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! The greater Knysna area offers an abundance of delights for visitors to explore, from awe-inspiring forests and pristine beaches to charming markets and art galleries. So, if you’re planning to attend the festival, make sure to extend your stay and experience the wonders that Knysna has to offer.

The 40th Knysna Oyster Festival is a celebration of four decades of joy, laughter, and unforgettable memories. So, mark your calendars, rally your friends, and get ready for an extravaganza like no other!

For more information about the festival, ticket prices, and the full event schedule, visit

Communities, Commitment and the CCPP Group Lions Karoo to Coast

Before Covid turned the world on its head the weather did the same to the most recent edition of the CCPP Group Lions Karoo to Coast. It turned what is usually a challenging but enjoyable race into an odyssey of epic proportions. The next two years saw pandemic enforced postponements, which means that the 2022 edition is eagerly anticipated. 3 600 of a possible 4 000 entries have already been sold, so riders wishing to take part on the 25th of September should enter soon to avoid disappointment.

Absence, as the saying goes, makes the heart grow fonder. Which is certainly true for one of South Africa’s largest point to point mountain bike races. Now in its 22nd year the race from Uniondale to Knysna, along the iconic Prince Alfred’s Pass, is not only one of the country’s oldest mountain bike races but also one of the most well supported.

The last edition, in 2019, was perhaps the most memorable yet. Perfect years blend into one with the course of time; but nobody is forgetting high wind, torrential rain and hail anytime soon. Nor are the riders who were evacuated from the route forgetting the massive effort the communities, of Knysna and Uniondale, went to in order to save the day.

“I for one will never forget 2019,” Zandile Meneses, the CCPP Group Lions Karoo to Coast race director for the past 20 years, noted. “I’ve never experienced anything like that in an event before. We had to call the manager of PEP in Uniondale, to open the shop so we could buy every blanket in the store, as well as the majority of Knysna’s stock too. We then enlisted just about every taxi service in Knysna to help evacuate riders from the course. The sports fields, at the finish, turned into a quagmire and it even hailed briefly at Simola. It was a wild day!”

The successful evacuation of riders off the 96 kilometre course was down to the involvement of the community. Residents and business owners of Uniondale and Knysna have been pivotal from the inaugural edition, but it is in times of difficulty that their input is most keenly felt. The event’s absence from the calendar, for two years, was just as acutely experienced; especially by the Lions Club beneficiaries. Charities like Sightfirst, the South African Guide Dog Association and other urgent needs in the Garden Route and Klein Karoo community rely on the funds raised by the race to help finance their operations.

Although the route is largely the same as it was 22 years ago, for the inaugural edition, the ever-changing surface quality of Prince Alfred’s Pass provides diversity to the challenge. One section which has become significantly easier over the years though is the Ou Wapad. Climbing out of Uniondale used to be a tricky affair, where line choice was key. That changed 5 years ago however, when the wagon trail was graded. Still, it has not helped anyone better the course record which has stood for many years.

Perhaps 2022 is the year that the record falls… though the weather conditions on race day will have a significant say in how quickly the course is completed. Tail winds through the climbs and kloofs of the Outeniqua Mountains would blow the fastest riders home to Knysna at a better pace. While also helping the less competitive members of the field; but as anyone who took part in 2019 knows, it does not pay to bet on the riding conditions too far in advance. The only safe assumption is that it will not be as wild as the last time the race was held.

Another unique aspect of the event is the dinner which the women of Uniondale cook for the 1 600 odd participants who stay in the Klein Karoo town the night before the race. The usually sleepy village comes alive for the CCPP Group Lions Karoo to Coast and nearly half of the riders come together the night before for a locally made supper. It is a brilliant way to reconnect with old friends and riding acquaintances, as well as to get into the spirit of things before race day.

This September that reconnection will be particularly poignant. After three long years and with a memorable last time out to reflect upon the mood in Uniondale is sure to be electric. To join the celebration and the ride by visiting

Pink Loerie™ 2022 highlights not to be missed

The Pink Loerie™ Mardi Gras and Arts Festival in association with Men International will host a spectacle of not-to-be-missed events from 29 April to 1 May as it returns to the Garden Route town of Knysna after a two-year COVID-19 hiatus.

“Not only will the international singer-songwriter sensation Cassa Jackson be headlining the festival,” said Festival Director John-Louis O’Neil. “Mr Gay World™ South Africa 2021 Shanon Kannigan will lead the annual street parade.”

The street parade features high on the programme for Saturday 30 April, but festivities kick off with a VIP dinner and fundraising auction on the Friday. “Cassa Jackson will be supporting Lionel Ritchie later this year, but she’s coming to celebrate the festival’s 22nd birthday with us first,” said O’Neil. “We are also extremely proud to host her first South African performance.”

Having appeared on stages including Wembley Arena, Cassa Jackson will perform at the VIP function hosted by Villa Castollini. Shanon Kannigan will lead the event as guest MC and auctioneer for the fundraising auction.

Tickets to the VIP dinner and fundraising event with Cassa Jackson and Mr Gay World ™ South Africa Shanon Kannigan are available at

Saturday is packed with fun and entertainment with highlights that cannot be missed.
• Girls just wanna have fun with Wendy Dewberry hosted by The Queen, 10 Queen Street from 8am to 2pm.
• A pre-assembly point cocktail event with live entertainment hosted by Oaks on Main, Knysna Main Street, from 9am to 2pm.
• Unleash the animal / Superhero in you street party, Gray Street between Nelson and Rawson Streets, 2pm to 4pm.
• Knysna Pride Street Parade from Rawson Street to The Waterfront Knysna Quays via Gray Street, 4pm, led by UK pop sensation Cassa Jackson and Mr Gay World™️ South Africa 2021 Shanon Kannigan.
• Official After Party from 4:30pm to 11pm at The Waterfront Knysna Quays with UK pop sensation Cassa Jackson and guest artists, and be taken on a journey of sound by DJ’s Nick, Quinton Kelly, Nukes and more.

All COVID-19 prevention regulations will be adhered to and access to the street party and after party will be limited to 2000 attendants each.

“Monday 2 May is a public holiday,” said O’Neil. “This means everyone can enjoy the farewell lunch with live music hosted by Olde’s Pub & Grill on Sunday afternoon.”

“As well as celebrating the diversity of our community, the festival hopes to highlight local business and tourism in Knysna,” he continued. “This is an open invitation to businesses in Knysna, who may be running specials during the festival, to send us their advertisements so we may publish them on our social media platforms.”

“We are looking forward to bringing the festival back to Knysna this year,” O’Neil concluded. “It is high time that everyone gets to let their hair down and have fun again.”

Cassa Jackson is brought to the Pink Loerie™ Mardi Gras and Arts Festival in association with Men International courtesy of Marshall Arts Talent, ETC Zone Centurion and Jacaranda LGBTQIA+ Pride Festival. She has over 170 000 followers on TikTok and more than 180 000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

The Pink Loerie™ is an annual celebration of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and ally (LGBTQIA+) culture and identity held in the picturesque town of Knysna. The festival hosts a series of cultural, entertainment and community fundraising events and aims to highlight local business and tourism in Knysna and the Garden Route.

Thank you to the people of Knysna, the Garden Route District Municipality, Knysna Municipality, Wesgro, Visit Knysna and our other partners for working with us to make the festival a reality this year.

Olde’s Pub & Grill’s farewell lunch offers set menus from R200pp and bookings are essential, book at 044 382 6514.
Contact for advertisement specifications and submissions.
For more information, news, and updates, visit or

One-of-a-kind sculpture to welcome visitors to Knysna’s Judah Square

Following months of hard work, planning and preparations, a towering 2.2m likeness of Hailie Selassie now stands proud on the mount at Judah Square, Knysna – home to the biggest community of Rastafari in Southern Africa. Looking out over the township of Khayalethu, powerful hands posed in a diamond-like gesture, the traditional Rastafari symbol of the Seal of Solomon, the statue will welcome back visitors from far and wide.


Big-Hitters Of Modified Saloon Car Category Set To Take On 2022 Simola Hillclimb

The Modified Saloon Car category at the annual Simola Hillclimb is renowned for lining up an exhilarating array of the wildest, most powerful and fastest tin-top racing cars in the country. The 12th edition will be no different when these no-limits beasts of King of the Hill are let loose on the challenging 1.9km course on 7 and 8 May 2022.

Simola Hillclimb regular Pieter Zeelie threw a spanner in the works last year when he claimed his first King of the Hill crown in his highly modified 2002 Toyota MR2 Super GT, powered by a turbocharged 3.5-litre V6 Toyota engine. His faultless performance in the all-or-nothing Top 10 Shootout secured a winning time of 40.402 seconds, knocking 2019 champion and pre-event favourite Franco Scribante and his radical multi-winged 2016 Nissan R35 GT-R off the top step of the podium.

The question is, can he do it again? “I am up against competitive machinery and drivers, especially the four-wheel drive Nissans which gain around 1 to 1.5 seconds on us from the start to corner one, and I know Dawie Joubert made some extensive changes to his Lotus,” Zeelie says. “All of these drivers have serious intent on winning, so reaching the Top 10 in 2022 will already be a huge achievement. I will certainly do my best and hope to get a top-three position.”

Zeelie isn’t taking the title fight lightly, with an eye on competing internationally too: “The modifications never stop, and we spent most of our effort on aerodynamic changes to the car. We’re hoping to get some extra downforce and reduce drag, and also managed to get a little bit of extra power from the Toyota engine,” he says. “Some changes were made for my planned endeavours in the FIA International Hillclimb Cup in Europe later this year to make the car FIA-compliant, and we’re shipping it overseas straight after the Simola Hillclimb.”

As for what makes the Simola Hillclimb special, Zeelie highlights the fantastic nature of the event as a whole, as well as an interesting personal affinity with Knysna: “We always make it a social and business event with clients, family and friends joining us from all over South Africa. The adrenaline, together with social side, makes it very special for us, and I’ve always enjoyed hillclimb events.

“The Knysna Forest is where my family originally lived until they were forcefully removed,” Zeelie points out, referencing historical books such as Fiela se Kind, Kringe in die Bos and Toorbos that regale the troubled past. “Our family has a very rich history in the Cape and Knysna since 1648, and I am busy finalising a book about them.”

Whether Zeelie will be able to write his name in the Simola Hillclimb record books for a second time remains to be seen, but he certainly faces a stern challenge – most notably from multiple winner Scribante, behind the wheel of his time-attack inspired Nissan R35 GT-R with its distinctive massive front and rear wings.

In 2021 Scribante set a new official record time for the Modified Saloon Car category of 39.303 seconds in the Class Finals. However, a less-than-perfect run in the Top 10 Shootout saw him cross the line in 40.522 seconds which relegated him to second place for King of the Hill. “Our objective this year is to get the car reliable, as we’ve had numerous issues developing this car,” he says. “We don’t even know yet what the GT-R is capable of because we’ve always had to work around a variety of problems.

“We’ve looked at the gearbox and clutch issues, and for now we’re not aiming to go faster but to be more reliable,” Scribante says. “When we’ve maxed out the reliability then we will take it to the next level in the years to come.” The Scribante name will also be represented by Aldo and Silvio in a pair of highly tuned 2011 Audi S4s – the latter making the switch from a Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo driven last year.

As indicated by Zeelie, Dawie Joubert is sure to be a formidable opponent once again in his twin-turbo Ferrari V8-powered 2001 Lotus Exige, which has been upgraded since its debut last year. Joubert notched up an impressive time of 39.888 seconds during his best qualifying run in 2021, and will be aiming for an even better time when it counts in this year’s Top 10 final. He will be joined by brother Charl in a turbocharged Honda V6-powered Elise, while Craig Czank returns in his Lotus Exige, having opted for a Nissan R35 GT-R twin-turbo V6 engine, with the Simola event being used last year as the initial shakedown test for the car.

The Van Zummeren family always draws a crowd in their loud and wild Nissan GT-Rs, and Martin returns to the fray in his explosive four-wheel drive 2002 R34 after missing the 2021 edition. He will be backed up by his two sons, with Wade stepping back into his rear-wheel drive R34 GT-R after delighting the crowds in dad’s car last year, along with brother Jody in a four-wheel drive 1994 R32 GT-R. Another interesting new rival will be former touring car racer Farouk Dangor, who joins the Nissan GT-R brigade in a 2001 R34 GT.

However, there’s another serious contender that should never be underestimated. With three consecutive King of the Hill titles in the Road and Supercar category (2017-2019), Reghard Roets has taken over the reins of the BB Motorsport Nissan R35 GT-R formerly campaigned by Wilhelm Baard.

Roets certainly knows his way up the 1.9km Simola Hill and has been doing extensive testing in his new steed which powered Baard to victory in 2017 and 2018. If reliability issues with the car don’t hamper his efforts, the popular production car ace is sure to be in the thick of the battle until the final flag drops on Sunday afternoon.

Several other competitors are likely to be slugging it out in the thrilling Top 10 Shootout, including Franco di Matteo who recovered from a crash last year to power his way into the Top 10 final in the NOS-boosted Jaguar XKRR V8 Super Car. Charl Arangies finished third last year in a Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo, but returns this year in a similarly-powered V10 Audi R8 LMS GT3, while Anton Cronje remains another driver to watch in his rapid Subaru Impreza WRX STi after he claimed the sixth-fastest time in 2021.

Whoever emerges as this year’s triumphant King of the Hill, there’s guaranteed to be plenty of excitement and fireworks on the road to victory!

Online ticket sales for the Simola Hillclimb, along with more information on the event, are available on the website:

It’s almost time to #WFK

It’s almost time for this year’s Knysna Oyster Festival!

2021’s “Limited Edition” has been reimagined to be fully level four compliant, while still bringing households world-class activities across the Greater Knysna Area. Why work from home (WFH) when you can work from Knysna (#WFK)? Stay, work and play in the jewel of the Garden Route, with daily experiences to keep the whole family entertained. Taking place from 9-18 July, now’s the time to plan a fun, safe, family friendly winter getaway.

Colleen Durant, Visit Knysna General Manager, says, “We are pioneering a new approach with this year’s “Limited Edition” experience, with compliance of our operators and the safety of our visitors and local community being of upmost importance to us. Although the programme looks different than usual and you will have to ‘curate your own festival’ within the offerings, we can guarantee quality experiences for the whole family to enjoy within the wide open spaces of Knysna and the greater Knysna area.”

“The economic boost that the Knysna Oyster Festival brings to our beloved seaside village and surrounding town’s is significant. We are proud of the programme we’ve been able to compile within the re-imagined framework of the “Limited Edition”, and we encourage travellers to come escape for the full ten days and even more, through making our town your office and enjoying the experiences on offer in your down time. If you’re unable to make it down the Garden Route physically this year, we encourage you to peruse our virtual experiences that can be enjoyed from anywhere in the world!” adds Andrew Finn, Festival Coordinator.

Here are some of the highlights to look forward to at this year:

Cultural tours with local tourist guides, including the Rasta community. Tourist guides have been hard-hit by the lockdowns: the Knysna Oyster Festival “Limited Edition” is providing much-needed work and a chance for households to enjoy private tours of some of the region’s treasures, including a Thesen Harbour heritage walk, Knysna historical buildings, or even exclusive boat building factory tours. If starry nights are more your thing, enjoy a beautiful Moonlight Meander (9th and 10th July) by the light of the full moon on Sedgefield’s famed Swartvlei Beach.

Virtual sports: From the KYC Virtual J70 Regatta for sailing fans and the Garden Route Trail Park Strava Challenge for mountain bikers and trail runners, to the Virtual Urban X Trail Run and Obstacle Course (trail runs with fun obstacle courses set in local properties you can overnight at), the Knysna Forest Virtual Race, and Virtual Knysna Cycle Tour, there’s something for all sporting enthusiasts – and we encourage you to come to Knysna to do your virtual events.

Knysna E-sports Cup: An online competition for all Fortnite enthusiasts, which takes place over six qualifying rounds from 5-10 July, with the finals on 16 July. The series is hosted by the Elite Pro Series, and features the country’s youngest professional Fortnite player, RoMike, and his team.

Aquatic adventures: Select from a myriad of boat tours including catamaran or, mono hull yachts to lagoon cruises, or try catch sight of the majestic sea life in a guided dolphin or whale watching tour. Kayaks and stand-up paddle boards will be available for rent for those wanting to commandeer their own tours.

Food, glorious food: It’s what the Knysna Oyster Festival is known for! Sizzling steaks, sensational seafood, beefy burgers, fiery Mexican, Sunday roasts and of course oysters – indulge in a variety of locally crafted cuisine through selecting from an array of take-away offerings that are available.

“Treat yourself and the family to a well-earned mid-year break. Offering the right amount of adventure to keep the kids entertained, coupled with world-class outdoor experiences to relax and recharge the batteries – come and enjoy this historical “Limited Edition” experience. For those unable to take leave, throw in the laptop and maximise a staycation by curating an itinerary around your work day. #WFK this July and Travel for Good!” concludes Wesgro’s Chief Marketing Officer, Monika Iuel.

For more information on this year’s Stay | Work | Play edition, visit

#WFK #WorkFromKnysna #stayworkplay #knysnaoysterfestival #KOF2021 #visitknysna #knysna

For additional information:
Contact Festival Coordinator Andrew Finn on email for more information, or call 0443825510

A seahorse for Sedgefield!

It may be called the Knysna Seahorse, but Sedgefield is where you will now find the most impressive tribute to the tiny creature that makes the town’s estuaries its home. Today local NPO Masithandane unveiled their latest mosaic masterpiece at the foot of the dune beach-lovers climb to reach the magnificent Myoli Beach.

“Sedgefield, here at last is the seahorse you’ve been asking for!” Jacky Weaver, Chairperson of Masithandane, introduced their latest addition to the Sedgefield Mosaic Route as mosaic team leader Hyla Hartlief and Ward 1 Councillor Levael Davis removed the “wrapping”.

The towering 3 meter high installation comprises a giant sparkling mosaic statue of the Knysna Seahorse mounted on one of the original fishing boats used at Gericke’s Point, donated by Christopher Fredericks. Livelihoods depended on it for more than 40 years. The historically significant Gericke’s Point provides the distinctive, distant western backdrop to Myoli Beach.

The shimmering seahorse sculpture is Masithandane’s second contribution to the #KnysnaArtProject, a collaboration between Visit Knysna (the greater Knysna area’s destination marketing organisation), the Knysna Municipality and the Knysna Art Society. It is also the last installation in the official #KnysnaArtProject, the aim of which was to encourage visitors to branch out and explore some of the lesser known gems that the area has to offer by creating interactive outdoor artworks. These installations also now provided the basis for the Knysna Art Route which maps out all the galleries, artist studios, maker spaces and more that can be explored by art enthusiasts visiting the Greater Knysna area.

In August 2021, Masithandane unveiled the Sedgefield1 Love Bug – an original Volkswagen Beetle parked on the side of the Swartvlei River covered in brightly coloured mosaic renditions of the local fynbos and other flora unique to the area. With its open top and picture-perfect backdrop Sedgefield1 has proved to be as big a hit amongst residents of this small self-proclaimed “slow town” as it has amongst the travellers and tourists it was made for.

According to Jacky the idea for the seahorse came from the community, who have been asking for one ever since the Love Bug was unveiled. It was also at the launch of the Love Bug that Jacky first met Christopher Fredericks and heard the story of the fishing boat, which he then offered to donate to Masithandane for their next project. The Fredericks’ boat, hidden in his back yard for over a decade and beginning to decay, has now been given new life as the impressive base for the giant concrete seahorse.

The resin “starfish” steps up to the boat are also significant. They incorporate a number of metal sinkers, collected along the coastline as part of the Strandloper Project. Mark Dixon, founder of the Strandloper Project, approached Jacky with the idea of including sinkers in one of their installations to draw some attention to these environmental hazards.

Masithandane’s mosaics are not new to Sedgefield. The Mosaic Project began as a skills training and income generation initiative for unemployed men in 2008 and has been uplifting the town with public mosaic works ever since, many of them private commissions funded by the townspeople. In fact, whatever you do and wherever you go in Sedgefield, one thing is for certain – you will be enchanted by the vibrant mosaic art that has become such an integral and attractive part of its visual fabric. The Mosaic Art Route now includes more than sixty five wonderous mosaic works that are quite worthy of the 90-minutes it takes to complete a self-drive tour. Aside from the Sedgefield1 Love Bug, the route takes you past a number of other iconic sculptures worthy of a selfie pic or two – among them the Slow Papa Tortoise and Heartbeat of Sedgefield heart on the Main Rd, Marinara with its view of Gericke’s Point, and the interactive Octopus Garden at the Scarab Market on the outskirts of town.

Pleasure seekers now have more reasons than ever to stop along the N2 and spend some time in areas such as Sedgefield, Buffalo Bay, Brenton-on-Sea, Knysna and Concordia. In a world where selfies and that perfect Instagram moment is now the most popular way of sharing photos and experiences worldwide, the #KnysnaArtProject is encouraging visitors to Greater Knysna to branch out, explore and discover everything the area has to offer by creating a series of unique selfie opportunities. The initiative is an ambitious and exciting collaboration between Visit Knysna (the greater Knysna area’s destination marketing organisation), the Knysna Municipality and the Knysna Art Society and thus far includes the Sedgefield1 Love Bug, a 2.2m statue of a Rasta priest on the Mount at Judah square, the Buffalo Bay Boardwalk and the Brenton on Sea Wall of Wings.

Masithandane – the makers behind the mosaic route
Headed by Jacky Weaver, Masithandane provides vital services to the poorer community in Sedgefield. The vision was to provide community care for disadvantaged communities, care for the sick or terminally ill with the HUG Care and Respite Centre (House under Grace) and support for families and mothers and children.

A non-profit organisation (NPO), Masithandane has provided food security for thousands, catered for early childhood development and literacy, taught life skills to the members of the community and offered income earning opportunities over the years. During the hard Covid lockdown they delivered 1700 weekly food parcels for several months.

Masithandane is the conduit for 19 community kitchens and feeding schemes in Sedgefield, Karatara, Rheenendal, Knysna and Hornlee. Some 1900 meals are provided 5 days a week, while more than 100 people get healthy meals every day at the Centre.

In another section of the Centre, the laughter of children leads to the classroom or outdoor playground of Ikhaya Lentliziyo. The first principal came to Masithandane many years ago to follow her passion of looking after children, was unqualified, but now has formal qualifications and 32 children under her watchful eye.

Weaver points at a map in the Wellness Centre, of the area of the communities served and explains: “These are not just dots. Every single one represents a family. There are 1700 households in Smutsville, Slangepark and Sizamile with as many as eight people per household, many being helped by Masithandane,” says Weaver.

Masithandane derives its income from donations, fund-raising proposals and events and from mosaic interactive groups and tours.

For more information visit
or phone Jacky on 082 4142133

Pink Loerie™ Mardi Gras and Arts Festival swoops back

Contrary to rumours, the iconic Pink Loerie™ Mardi Gras and Arts Festival will once again be painting Knysna myriad shades of pink this year with its 22nd edition.

The ever-popular LGBTQ arts and culture event returns after a two-year COVID-19 break, running from Friday 29 April to Sunday 1 May 2022 (Monday 2 May is a public holiday).

“As we resume a post-COVID normality, we’re excited to once again welcome both visitors and locals alike to the Garden Route’s original and premier pink event,” asserted Festival Director John-Louis O’Neil.

“We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with Men International South Africa and therefore the festival will be known as the Pink Loerie™ Mardi Gras and Arts Festival in association with Men International South Africa,” O’Neil revealed. Men International South Africa assists new up and coming male model talent to reach their full potential.

An annual festival highlight is the Mr Gay Mardi Gras pageant. The winner this year will receive a “golden ticket” that guarantees a spot among the Mr Gay World™ South Africa finalists. O’Neil further teased that an international artist would be flown in to headline the Pink Loerie™, with details to be announced soon.

He invited LGBTQ-friendly businesses that would like to support the festival to email “We are still in need of some auction items as well as accommodation for the artists and committee members,” O’Neil said.

The full Pink Loerie™ Mardi Gras and Arts Festival in association with Men International South Africa programme will be announced on 20 March 2022.

The Pink Loerie™ is an annual celebration of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) culture and identity held in the picturesque town of Knysna. The festival hosts a series of cultural, entertainment and community fundraising events.

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Visit Knysna Receives African Excellence Award for Best Tourist Information Centre 2023 by MEA Markets

Visit Knysna, a leading destination marketing and tourist information center, is proud to announce its victory in the prestigious African Excellence Awards for 2023. The accolade, awarded by MEA Markets Markets, recognizes Visit Knysna as the Best Tourist Information Centre in the Western Cape for its exceptional commitment, adaptation, and excellence in the field.

The African Excellence Awards, now in its sixth year, celebrates the remarkable accomplishments and influence of businesses across diverse sectors on the African continent. From destination management and international tourism expertise to branding and design, the awards honor exceptional endeavors that contribute to the advancement of various industries.

Awards Coordinator Kaven Cooper expressed his admiration for this year’s remarkable winners: “I am pleased to have worked with such a brilliant assortment of companies that deliver supreme quality on a daily basis. All of our winners offer something unique to the corporate landscape, and I wish them all the best for the future ahead.”

Visit Knysna’s recognition as the Best Tourist Information Centre underscores its commitment to delivering outstanding service to visitors and tourists. As a vital contributor to the tourism landscape, Visit Knysna has consistently provided invaluable information, guidance, and assistance to tourists, thereby enhancing the overall travel experience.

This recognition is a testament to unwavering dedication to providing exceptional services and information to tourists exploring the enchanting destination of Knysna.

For further details about the African Excellence Awards and the accomplished professionals who have been acknowledged, please visit MEA Markets official website. Here, you can access the winners’ supplement and the complete list of this year’s esteemed winners.