Working in Knysna

Knysna for the Digital Nomad

The world of work has changed. For many it is no longer necessary to work in an office. With modern technology and collaborative tools, you can work from anywhere. If you can work from anywhere, then it makes sense to choose somewhere beautiful, like Knysna, right?

Whether you are looking for a base for a few weeks, or a place to move for a longer stay, here are 5 reasons why you should choose Knysna.

High-speed internet

The most important requirement for remote working is good quality internet. Knysna has a number of internet providers and you can enjoy excellent connectivity. The high-speed internet service will ensure you can conduct all your work as you need. Your Zoom meeting will be crystal clear, and the Cloud is always accessible.

Knysna is spectacular

The Knysna area is one of the most beautiful locations in South Africa. Knysna has a unique river estuary with a dramatic entry into the ocean at the iconic Heads. The hills around the town make for the most picturesque scenes in all directions. This includes sweeping views of the lagoon, panoramic views of the ocean, and the Outeniqua Mountains in the background. Imagine working with that as your backdrop.

Nature is on your doorstep

The Knysna area is surrounded by forest and by ocean. This makes for a host of activities. You can be in nature at the drop of a hat, which is great for anyone with time to spare between digital meetings.

Mountain biking is very popular and there are many roads, jeep-track and single track through pristine wilderness. There are also trail running and hiking options close at hand. A walk on the wildside at Buffalo Bay will clear your head, or sit for a while on the sand at Coney Glen on the Eastern Head. There is even a nature reserve in the heart of town where you can take a walk or sit beside a stream. In Knysna your lunch break can mean enjoying the best of nature.

The town is big enough, and also small enough

Knysna is big enough to offer all you need. It has award winning restaurants, artisanal bakeries, boutique shops, financial services, and stores where you can get everything you require.
On the other hand it is small enough to keep its small town charm. The locals are friendly and no one is in a particular rush. There is little traffic with sufficient parking and you can get any chores done easily and quickly. Another bonus is that you don’t have to drive- you can easily walk to your favourite store.

5. The coffee is excellent

There are many fine choices for great quality coffee in Knysna. This includes cafes to rival the best in the world. Sit and enjoy your morning coffee with a croissant and check your email before you get going on the work of the day. If you need a quick break, bring your own cup and get a takeaway coffee to enjoy at home.

6. The airport is close

If you need to make the journey for an in-person meeting with clients or your team, it’s a short drive to the George airport or a very scenic road trip to Cape Town.

These are all good reasons to select Knysna as your working base. Add the sense of freedom and safety, the fresh air and the temperate climate, and choosing Knysna is a no-brainer.