Moonlight Meander - Moonlight Meander

Moonlight Meander

New Moon and Full Moon are the times to experience the unique exposure to the intrigue of Life in the Intertidal Zone. The Low Spring Tide exposes areas usually hidden from sight …and JUDY reveals the mysteries of the amazing creatures living there.

Under torchlight the Sandy Shore and the tidal pool suddenly becomes alive as you discover the diversity of marine life in the intertidal zone and learn about how they all survive in this constantly changing environment.

The Moonlight Meander is conducted every two weeks over the spring low tides during the full and new moon phases.

For the best experience on the Moonlight Meander you will need a torch with at least 3 hours of battery life, shoes that you don’t mind getting wet and a warm top.

PEASE NOTE: Only one family group per tour plus and the tour is shortened to comply with the new restrictions.

Location: Swartvlei Beach
19:00 - 22:00
Cost: R150
Contact Person: Judy Dixon
Contact Number: +27(0)72 390 6667