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Visit Knysna encourages focus on COVID-19 safety ahead of Summer Season

It was with great excitement that together with the Knysna Municipality, we recently announced the Knysna digital domestic campaign for the greater Knysna area. Aimed at stimulating the local economy in response to the pandemic and ahead of the summer season, the campaign is messaged at “whatever you are looking for, you will find it in Knysna”, with the call to action to Visit Knysna.

Following the update that the COVID-19 active cases are increasing in the Garden Route, we want to emphasise the importance of health protocols during your travels.

Visit Knysna’s general manager, Colleen Durant, is encouraging everyone to play their part in creating a safe environment in which tourism can once again thrive. “We appeal to our residents and visitors to be mindful of the protocols that have been put in place for their safety and those around you. We encourage people to keep their distance and to wear masks in public and closed places. We also encourage you to enjoy the greater Knysna area, which has a variety of outdoor locations, venues and activities.”

Knysna Municipality’s executive mayor, Elrick van Aswegen, stated that “With the easing of restrictions it seems many people have dropped their guard and are not adhering to protocols. The power to prevent the spread lies in our own behaviour. I would like to appeal to everyone to understand the seriousness of this situation and to take the appropriate steps to protect yourself and everyone you come into contact with.”

Please also see the www.safetravels.capetown website launched to help answer questions that visitors to the Western Cape may have about health and safety, and to make sure that their trip is filled with a lifetime of experiences and fewer concerns and questions.

For media enquiries please contact Nadine on media@visitknysna.co.za