In a triumphant announcement, Knysna has been crowned the Best ‘Dorpie’ in this year’s esteemed Kfm Best of the Cape Awards. The resonating voice of thousands of listeners resonated in the competition held by the beloved radio station. Knysna’s Executive Mayor, Aubrey Tsengwa, shared, “Knysna has unmistakably secured the hearts of all, emerging as the cherished choice of every voter.”

“It is common knowledge to those residing in the expansive embrace of Knysna and those who have graced our shores that this honor was rightfully destined for us,” he continued passionately. “With our awe-inspiring natural vistas, storied heritage, captivating tourism offerings, and warm-hearted community, we have etched an indelible mark in the hearts of both fellow South Africans and wanderlust-driven global explorers. Knysna has something exquisite to offer to all, and in return, it has earned an affectionate place in every heart.”

The journey towards this acclaim began with Knysna’s nomination, garnering the most resounding public support in its category. Notably, this victory marks the second consecutive year that Knysna proudly clinches the title of Best ‘Dorpie’ in Kfm’s Best of the Cape Awards. Adding to the honor, Knysna’s prominence was recognized internationally as it ranked 19th on the 2021 Tourism Sentiment Index’s Most Loved Destinations Around the World.

Kfm, the illustrious commercial radio powerhouse of the Cape boasting an audience exceeding 1.1 million listeners within the province, as well as across South Africa and the global spectrum through online streaming, orchestrated this spirited competition.
“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to every individual who cast their vote for Knysna. Your unwavering support is profoundly cherished, a testament to the bond we share with our cherished ‘dorpie’,” concluded Mayor Tsengwa. “Congratulations resound, Knysna! And congratulations to the residents of the greater Knysna region, for it is your collective spirit that illuminates Knysna’s brilliance. Together, we embark on a journey to amplify tourism, to foster a more inclusive, innovative, and inspired Knysna, crafting a legacy that resonates far beyond.”

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