The Knysna Hospice Shop - corner of Long and Market Streets

Charity shopping in Knysna

Treasure hunting is very popular in Knysna. Not the usual “dig in the sand” type of treasure hunting, rather some specialized digging at the local charity shops.

You will often hear local residents boast about their “great find” and truth to be told, you are missing out on all sorts of gems if you don’t visit Knysna’s charity shops, all conveniently clustered together only a short walk from Main Road. Here you will find the KAWS shop, the Knysna and Sedgefield Hospice Shop, the Red Cross Charity Shop and the Epilepsy South Africa Shop.

Great finds

Banish mental images of tired clothes and grubby second-hand goods – rather think bargain hunting, hidden treasures, souvenirs and collectables!
This is a true story: There was once a woman who had to attend a high profile wedding wearing pink and she did not have time to visit a variety of shops to find the right outside. A quick pop-in to the Knysna Animal Welfare Society (KAWS) shop resulted in a silk dress in pink, a matching designer scarf, silver shoes and even a handbag. All personally curated by the manager of KAWS charity shop Mikey Price – and at a fraction of what this would have cost in a traditional store.

Browsing is the key to success

Make sure you have time to browse as this is the fun part of charity shopping. The KAWS and Hospice Shop both have veritable libraries with books all neatly filed. Many a famous South African author or very old and precious books are to be found here. There are sections to browse from flora and fauna of Africa, to travel, health, biographies – you pretty much name it. Useful guides during your holiday, these shops are a great place to hunt for books on birds in South Africa, historic books on the Cape, Western Cape, hiking trails on the Garden Route, and more. Stock up on holiday reading for as little as R20 a book – or you might even catch a sale day when books sell for as little as R5.

The KAWS and Hospice Shop both have veritable libraries with books

Add to your art collection

Several well-heeled homes in the Western Cape boast art from these shops. Choose from the flora and fauna of South Africa, landscapes, portraits, prints and originals – again all at fabulous prices. And bear in mind that owing to the international flavour of the Knysna community who donate to this shop, often very sought after names in the art world pop up.

A wide selection of products

Watch for collectible nick-nacks, jewellery sections for African bead pieces, comb through the vast collection of cutlery and crockery, grass baskets, tablecloths and more. And the clothes are in good condition and really affordable!
Guaranteed no visitor to Knysna will come out of these shops empty handed. And also bear in mind that all of these shops raise funds for worthwhile causes so by shopping you are helping!

Worthy causes

The Knysna Hospice Shop

The Knysna Hospice Shop is on the corner of Long and Market Streets and is open from Monday to Friday from 10am until 2pm. Times may change so for more information phone +27 44 382 6353.

The Sedgefield Hospice Shop

The Sedgefield Hospice Shop is in Sedgefield Main Street. For more information phone +27 44 343 1722.

KAWS Charity Shop

KAWS Charity Shop is located at No 3 Market Street. Open from 9am until 2pm. Phone +27 44 382 1312 for more information.

Knysna Red CrossShop

Knysna Red CrossShop is in Long Street. They are open from 9am until midday. Phone +27 44 382 2655 for information.

The Epilepsy Shop

The Epilepsy Shop is also in Long Street. Phone +27 44 382 2155.