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Knysna’s art culture returns this summer

In times gone by Knysna boasted a creative history that included both crafters and artists. Over recent years this lovely arty town has become a hub for other leisure activities with the focus on imaginative creativity dwindling. It has taken a year of turmoil to resurrect the charm of Knysna’s art culture. Leaders of the Knysna Municipality, Visit Knysna, Greater Knysna Business Chamber and the Knysna Art Society have come up with new and inspired ideas and a collaboration has been set in place. A beautiful Interactive Art Route, with a twist, has been launched and will be put into action over the next few years. Strategically placed interactive murals, street art and other crazy forms of sculptured art will provide an exciting route for young and old to follow using their imagination and their creativity with selfies. So, people, watch this space!

This summer will bring some delightful and exciting art spots to visit and relish.

Leisure Isle Gallery

After almost a decade, the Leisure Isle Gallery has re-opened and here, next to the Coffee Shop, is where we will be showcasing fine artists of the Garden Route.

Andrew Barnard, Sally Bekker, Glynis Crompton, Margie Schultz, Dave Croad, Peter Barrett, Benjamin Lombard, Glynis Vogel, Jenny Benwell, Marjory van der Merwe, Lyn Beaton, Joanne Kaschula, Jenny Dittmers, Andre van der Merwe will be displaying their art during the holiday season

Contact Daniela Dotan on 082 868 8133 for more information.

More at the Gallery

Old Gaol

During the December 2020 / January 2021 festive season, Knysna charcoal artist, Gary Davis, will be exhibiting his exquisite works at the Old Gaol. He burst onto the charcoal art scene in Knysna during 2018 with the start of his “cub series”, a magnificent set of charcoal drawings in which he depicts several scenes of a young leopard cub experiencing human contact for the very first time. Gary’s works are mostly characterized as highly detailed photorealistic abstract scenes in deep grey and black velvety expanses of charcoal on backgrounds of pure white

You can contact Gary Davis directly via or on 083 288 9706.

Gary Davis

Art on Queen

Another holiday attraction this season, a DOLL & AMULET collection will be hosted at the beautiful gallery of Helena Gerber, ‘Art on Queen’. Curated by interior designers Taryn Kallie & Aparna Ramani, DOLL & AMULET features some of South Africa’s most extraordinary clothing, jewellery, accessories and homeware brands. With an emphasis on handmade, sustainable and quality products, DOLL & AMULET is the perfect place to shop for unique gifts as well as holiday clothing and accessories.
Brands include: Ash ceramics, Roso Kaftans, Mororap, Anmari Honiball, Indian Cotton Company, Gabrielle Swimwear, Bonono Handmade Jewellery, Smith Jewellery, The Herd, Wanderland Collection, Ledikana, Cabo, Threads that Bind Us, Ashanti Shades, Pala Eyewear, Amy Jane van den Bergh, BalekaneLegoabe, VERSE Studio and Opzoek

Doll & Amulet Pop Up Shop, Dates: 15 – 24 December 10 am – 4.30 pm
Art on Queen, Helena Gerber Gallery, cnr. Queen and Green St, Knysna Central.

Doll & Amulet Pop Up Shop

You will also find local artist Lynn Schaeffer here during season where she will be showcasing artists such as Fiona Rowett, Derric van Rensberg, Margie Bolt and Lynn Schaefer ceramics and non-functional smoke fired pottery works.

Lynn Schaefer ceramics

Oak Leaf Restaurant

Some of these works of art will displayed at the new and delightful Oak Leaf Restaurant in Belvidere. A two in one for those who enjoy both, food and art.

For more information regarding the art route and its artists please visit their website and on for more information on events, activities, specials and information on the greater Knysna area.

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