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Bollard Bay Beach

Bollard Bay is Leisure Isle’s secret treasure. It is set on the Knysna Lagoon which is a safe-haven for young swimmers. In the off-peak season the beach is frequented by mostly the local residents and avid dog walkers.

HOURS: Everyday
WHERE: Leisure Isle

During the summer it becomes a vibrant, kid-friendly venue. While gazing through the Heads to the Indian Ocean and looking over at Featherbed, you will hear the constant babble and laughter of children who can safely play at the water’s edge. Water sports abound and many “sports adventure” companies will leave from this area.

Check the tides schedule as there will be very little water during low tide. On the up-side, during low tide you will be able to do a walk to the Heads across the Lagoon-bed floor. Just take care to see when the tide will rise again, as you might get stuck on the other side. During high-tide, this little beach is great for swimming and is perfect for the kids as there are few currents and no waves. The water is relatively shallow until you go quite deep in, so you can wade knee-height for some time before having to swim– perfect for the more cautious swimmer.

It’s a quick and easy drive from Knysna. From the N2, take a right onto George Rex Drive. When you see the sign for Leisure Isle, take another right. When you reach the security hut ,continue straight for about 2km. You will see the stretch of beach in front of you. Parking is on the street right next to the beach.

For a little extra “something special”, continue driving along until you reach Lands’s End. This is an ideal spot for watching sunsets and is often the best spot to sit on a windy day as this area faces west.

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