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Knysna Literary Festival

Established in 2009 by Ling Dobson of Pam Golding Properties in Knysna, the Knysna Literary Festival has been held annually with a steady growth in attendance, attracting well-known South African authors, poets and performers from both the fiction and non-fiction genres. It has become a flagship event having gained reputation as a distinctive, high-quality event, noted especially for its inclusiveness and friendliness.

The Knysna Literary Festival is a major annual event in the Garden Route arts and culture calendar, the only area festival of its kind, hosting an exclusive group of hand-picked authors. The Festival is eagerly anticipated each year by a crowd of over 3000 people who come from Cape Town, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and the many diverse communities and smaller towns along the Garden Route.

From exploring the creative minds of authors in small-group workshops to being part of larger-group presentations, and rubbing shoulders with authors whilst enjoying our South African locally produced tipple or two, the Festival provides visitors with a five-day long, unique literary “experience.”

The diverse programme touches on current affairs, politics, history, comedy and adventure as well as mystery and a dash of cuisine - all authors attending the event have national prominence in their fields, making the eclectic topic-mix, unique and sought after.

The Festival is a family-friendly event with an accent on participation. Education and opportunity are centre to the

Festival’s objectives:
·To stimulate creative minds and encourage opportunity to make the most of education and foster a passion for the written word.
·To support local communities with economic opportunities the festival brings.
·To provide a platform for literary enthusiasts to interact with literary masterminds, promote and build awareness of South African literature and its diversity, richness and talent.
·To expose locals and visitors to South African literature and amazing talent from South Africa who have contributed to the world forum of writers/authors.

Knysna Literary Festival

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