Visit Knysna, Knysna Tourism, Garden Route, South Africa

Jonas Gidwa Tours

Meet the people of Knysna in their own community and see a glimpse of how they live; meet with the children at school or visit the local medical centre. You will be picked up at your guest house for a 3 hour special experience.

Rastafarian Tours

The Judah Square Rastafarian village was founded in 1993 in Knysna and is the largest Rastafarian community in South Africa. You can do a walking tour of the community and overnight in the Rastafarian community. 

Thole Tours

THOLE” is the Xhosa name for “calf” which is Gerald Thembekile ‘s clan name. We offer an initimate look into a local township experience in Knysna.

Yengwa Tours

We offer a holistic touring experience ranging from day to township, adventures and tailor made tours, on this diverse and heritage rich expedition in South Africa.

Wandu Tours

Experience the day-to-day living in theKnysna township and feel the true spirit of “ubuntu” amongst the local people.

Emzini Tours

Guided and safe tours in Knysna, with a variety of options including township interactions.

Hashtag Tours

We specialise in cultural roots tours, heritage walks, nature and special-interest travel in Knysna.