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Mild & Wild Adventures - 8th Edition

Thursday, 12 January 2017 14:42 Written by  Lisa Leslie
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Summer is in full swing and Knysna & Partners will be highlighting many of the varied activities which can be enjoyed throughout the Greater Knysna area over the season, from wild (sometimes adrenaline-fuelling) pursuits to milder, more relaxing options.

Mild Adventure _ Moonlight Meander & Starlight Trail

Judy Dixon's has been conducting her legendary Moonlight Meander educational walk for 18 years now and it is one of the most popular activities in the region. Her classroom is one of the region’s most prized, and popular natural assets: Gericke’s Point. On these walks Judy Dixon provides insight into the fascinating life cycles and incredible adaptations of the many creatures that can be found thriving within the intertidal zones of our Garden Route coastline. A marine biologist and accredited field guide, Judy exudes a real passion and love for the sea’s complex web of life. Her knowledge is spellbinding. Evening and spring low tides provide the perfect opportunity to observe the various species of life found within the myriad of tidal pools. During the day, many are hidden away in nooks and crannies to avoid predators, but at night the tidal pools visibly teem with life of all shapes and colours; spiny starfish, octopus, crabs, purple urchins, plum anemones, giant periwinkels, orange nudibranch and a variety of fish. Throughout the tour, Judy gives a fascinating commentary about this most enchanting tidal pool spectacle.

For more information, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call: 072 390 6667

Wild Adventure – Sail through the Knysna Heads
The aesthetic nature of the Knysna Estuary and adjacent rugged coastline provide our local sailing operators with the perfect backdrop for charters. You will start by gliding across the the iconic Knysna Estuary, which holds a profusion of life above and beneath the surface. As you approach the aperture of this estuarine system you will immediately be in awe of the towering sandstone cliffs that rise up on either side. This dynamic environment shifts continually in accordance with the tides and the conditions at sea. Some days a safe passage through the heads in not possible. But when conditions are right, vessels can navigate the heads and sail out into the open ocean, moving parallel to the spectacular craggy coastline, propelled by nothing but the wind. So cast off the bowlines and raise sails to the wind, it will be an adventure of a lifetime.
Operators: www.springtide.ca.za, www.featherbed.co.za , www.southernyachting.co.za

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