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Mild & Wild Adventures - 10th Edition

Thursday, 02 February 2017 13:39 Written by  Lisa Leslie
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Every week Knysna & Partners highlights activities which can be enjoyed in the Greater Knysna area, from wild (sometimes adrenaline-fuelling) pursuits to milder, more relaxing options.

Wild Adventure - Acrobranch

Acrobranch is an adventurous outdoor pursuit which is guaranteed to give you a decent spike in adrenaline. Located at the Timberlake Village on the N2 between Sedgefield and the Wilderness, this above-the-ground obstacle course is constructed between the sturdy limbs of a lofty old pine forest.
When we arrived, we were introduced to our friendly and upbeat guides, Ole and Ashley, who fitted us with the necessary safety harnesses (designed to keep participants locked onto a zip line throughout this tree top adventure.) Once we were fully kitted out, we were taken through a brief training session on how to safely move between the trees.

For the next couple of hours we were professionally guided along a series of swings, balancing acts, nets, bridges, and other equally challenging aerial activities. It takes a little bit of time before one feels completely comfortable manoeuvring over the course and getting used to using the safety clips. The height of the obstacles caught me a little off guard at first and I took a deep breath of the pine-scented air in an attempt to calm my nerves. After the first few obstacles, however, I started to feel a little more relaxed and comfortably assured that I was in safe hands. If you have a fear of heights and want to overcome that fear, this adventure is perhaps the place to do it, because it is entirely safe if the safety measures are adhered to at all times.
The series of 48 obstacles are cleverly designed to test your mettle, strength and flexibility and it provided hours of entertainment. The last in the series is a 102m, gravity-assisted zipline which will transport you back to solid ground! It is certainly a good laugh when done with friends, because of the fear factor that some of the obstacles pose and the show of bravery required to get through some of them.
(There is also the very popular Acrotwigs Course for the youngsters!}
So get that heart racing and get hooked with Acrobranch! Bookings: 086 999 0369 or visit www.acrobranch.co.za

Mild Adventure – Garden of Eden

Looking for a place to enjoy a short forest jaunt with the family and a leisurely family picnic? There is an ideal spot just outside of Knysna called the Garden of Eden which boasts a pristine remnant of Afromontane forest. It is the perfect place to introduce young ones to the magic and splendour of our legendary forests, and will surely instil a lasting reverence for our natural world.

The route through this forest gem is suitable for everyone. It comprises an 800m circular board walk which is very child friendly and also wheelchair accessible. The boardwalk is flanked on either side by magnificently large indigenous tree specimens and lush tree ferns. Gently flowing streams transect this little piece of paradise. Many of the trees are marked and visitors are therefore able to can gain a better understanding of this ecosystem and the remarkable web of life it holds. There are several smaller trails which lead off the main walkway, so you can meander off a little further into the heart of the forest if you wish to. There are facilities set amongst the forest to enjoy a nice picnic.

Costs: R12/adult, R7/child. There is a small office at the entrance. Outside office hours you are allowed to enter and do the walk.

Directions: Next to the N2, about halfway between Knysna and Plettenberg Bay.

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