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Handmade in Sedgefield, South Africa

Thursday, 08 December 2016 13:23 Written by  Lisa Leslie
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Nikki Jones is passionate about Sedgefield. She is also a keen crafter who devotes much of her free time to sewing, knitting or crocheting a wide range of unique items from children's soft toys to sewing accessory bags. She first started crafting when she was still living in her native Zimbabwe. After the birth of her twins she decided to become a stay at home mom and started crafting as a way to supplement the family's income. It wasn't very long before she had a thriving home industry and at one point she had seven women working for her.

Over the years since moving to Sedgefield, Nikki has met many like-minded and talented local crafters who create really beautiful items but who have never had an ideal online platform from which to market or sell them. This is what inspired Nikki to launch the Facebook group called Handmade in Sedgefield, South Africa. This group serves to showcase and sell items handmade by local residents and it provides a place where people living either in the area or further afield can browse and buy.

Social Media is an enormously powerful marketing tool and this page is a prime example of this, because since launching the page a couple of months ago, the group already has grown to 342 members and many of the crafters on the platform have enjoyed great success in selling their goods. There is even an 11 year old little entrepreneur making book bags on the site.

There really is only one golden rule, and that is that items posted for sale MUST be handmade in Sedgefield by Sedgefield residents.

A limit of 5 items per day, per seller, keeps the page fresh and interesting and those who only want to post an item every now and then are also welcome to do so. Sales are arranged between buyer and seller and the admin of the group takes no responsibility for these transactions.

Knysna & Partners has dedicated a lot of time in 2016 to highlighting and promoting locally made products because we strongly believe the local economy is positively stimulated when people buy local.

Christmas is around the corner, so before you head off to the mall to buy imported goods, browse on the Handmade in Sedgefield South Africa Facebook page, you may just happen upon the perfect gift for your loved one!

Check out this cool local page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/handmadeinsedgefield/

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