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Earthdrop Ceramic Water Bottles - #KnysnaMade

Thursday, 13 October 2016 14:22 Written by  Lisa Leslie
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Looking to quench your thirst this summer without having to reach for a plastic water bottle? We recently discovered a perfect, and pretty, alternative - Earthdrop ceramic water bottles. Made by local company  WearOne, owned by Sedgefield resident Cari De Beer, these vessels are not only planet-friendly and  reusable, but they also serve as exceptionally beautiful accessories.  Each one is a genuine work of art.
For several years, Cari had the good fortune to work alongside celebrated local ceramic artist Lesley-Ann Hoets of Hot Art fame, from whom she acquired an incredible amount of knowledge and learned the various techniques of ceramic artistry . It has since become her passion and Cari now works full time on her current range, which has already garnered much attention throughout the region.
It was the work of renowned Japanese researcher and author Masuro Emoto that initially inspired Cari to make her Earthdrop water bottles. Emoto claimed that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. Emoto's theory evolved over the years, and his early work explored his belief that water could react to positive thoughts and words, and that polluted water could be cleaned through prayer and positive visualization.
Cari hopes that each and every water bottle she creates will hold within it pure, blessed water. No two bottles are alike, and each one is lovingly sculpted by hand. Once the bottles are fired and glazed, she encloses them with leather and an intricate web of thread which is fastened to a shoulder strap, making them easily portable. Now you can always have pure water on the go!
Cari's Earthdrop ceramic water bottle range will soon be sold at the Hands Design Collective in Knysna, Thrive in Wilderness and at the Faire Gem at Timberlake.
To order your stylish water bottle contact: 072 154 0973 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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