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Slow Route #FoodJourney - Leeuwenbosch

Thursday, 23 March 2017 14:11 Written by  Belinda Hobson
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Gerhard Beyleveld whose career has seen some diverse farming such as sugarcane, sheep, and chickens as well as one of the first hops farmer in South Africa.
In 1988 he left hops behind to become a dairy farmer when he bought a portion of the original Leeuwenbosch farm in Rheenendal. His dairy farming career started with his first cow called “Amen”.

Gerhard is a testimony that hard work, drive, determination and dedication leads to overall success.
Leeuwensborch dairy continue to strive to be a leading dairy brand by using the slow food principals and providing quality dairy products to the South African consumer.
Their products are wholesome, affordable and backed by outstanding service and of putting their customers first. All their animals are tested and certified TB and Hormone RBst free. Their cows are pasture fed on kikuyu and rye grass and they plant alternative crops for winter feeding such as oats, barley and maize although the main basis of our feeding are pastures. The herd is free roaming and is not fed in feed lots like on other intensive dairy farms
Gerhard, as he likes to say, was pensioned off by his sons and the farming was left to them, Gert and Hein to oversee.
His sons were sorely mistaken if they thought their dad would retire and take it easy.

In 2012 Gerhard started the Leeuwenbosch Farm Store which is situated just off the N2 on the Rheenendal road and part of the famous Rheenendal ramble.
The coffee shop and tearoom are opened to the public and sell all the products and delicious food made from their Leewensbosch dairy milk such as Gouda, Cheddar, Feta, Mozzarella cheeses, cream, butter and yoghurt. Gerhard runs the farm store with the help of a great staff who will greet you with warm smiles and serve you delectable goodies. The sky is the limit for this team.

As an extra treat maybe you can convince Gerrie to spoil you with a posh English tea the Cornish and Queen’s way, a scone with jam first and then finished off with a billowy, luxurious cream, called clotted cream! Visit them to enjoy and appreciate everything Leeuwenbosch Farm Stall has to offer!

'Gerhard would like to welcome and introduce Alwyn Boshoff as shareholder to the Farm stall. Alwyn took over the running of the farm stall, and together with Jane are now looking after the shop and restaurant. Gerhard would like to send a special word of thanks to Mrs Jane Mowers for her years of hard work and dedication.'

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