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Slow Route #FoodJourney - “Bravo barista!”

Thursday, 06 April 2017 12:02 Written by  Belinda Hobson
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As you walk into “Slow Roasted coffee” you immediately know you are in for a treat espiecially when you smell the fresh roasting aroma.

The Slow Roasted Coffee shop is located at the Mosaic Village in Sedgefield (next to the Engen Garage off the N2). It shares its premises with Green Road (a supplier of fresh organic produce) and is next door to the Gallop Hill Gallery of interesting arts and statues with equine inspiration and there is a well-made play-ground for children to entertain themselves just around the corner!

Slow Roasted Coffee is an artisanal coffee roastery, cafe and bakery. Artisanal Coffee is described as a third wave of coffee, a movement to produce high-quality coffee, and consider coffee to be an artisanal foodstuff, like wine, rather than just a commodity. Slow Roasted Coffee not only specialises in coffee but also their own coffee products such as Cinnamon Latte, Unscented Cappuccino and Vanilla Latte Body Scrubs as well as and mouth-watering baked goods.

The Slow Roasted Coffee Shop is a family run business whose coffee beans are roasted on site by father Cliff Elion (owner The Mosaic Market). They have various beans such as Coastal Gold, Karoo Classic, Mosaic Blend and Burundi. Cliff is a passionate proprietor and on-site roaster with a fountain of coffee knowledge and who’s always happy to impart his knowledge on how best to prepare anything from espresso, filter or a good French press. Artisanal coffee roasting began with his deep love for coffee and it has grown into him mastering the art.

Cliffs’ daughter Nikki, who, like her father, is a passionate person and a perfectionist at both the service she warmly gives to her clients and in creating her selection of delicious sweet and savoury baked treats. She is a qualified baker, lover of people and of course - great coffee. From her simple oats crunchy to her caramel-pecan pie, carrot cake or pretzel buns you are sure to be pleased with this heavenly selection of eats.
Pop in and experience all round hospitality from the entire Slow Roasted crew.
Mon - Fri 7H30 - 16HOO, Sat 8HOO- 14H00. Sun closed
Cell: +2772 227 6365

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