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Organic #FoodJourney @ The Grain Mill Bistro

Thursday, 25 May 2017 14:50 Written by  Greg Vogt
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All the buzz words and hashtags associated with fresh organic food and healthy eating are ticked off at the The Organic Market Bistro, situated in the Metelerkamp building off Waterfront Drive. Adelheid Schmidt and her team, started the project in 2012. From Germany, Adelheid ran a similar operation there before making the commitment to transfer the concept to Knysna, however a key difference here that the Knysna operation makes use of an imported cold stone grain mill.

“Milling Grain on cold stone retains the nutritional value of the grain during the milling process,” explains Adelheid. “We use Spelt grain which is an ancient grain widely recognised for its many health benefits. Spelt was grown in South Africa many years ago, however lost its popularity because of the close knit husk that makes it difficult to separate.”

This quaint authentic organic food market is the perfect place for Vegan’s, vegetarians and those seeking our free range products. The market section offers a range of healthy products that are worth exploring.

The menu emulates the healthy philosophy of the project, however still retains a decadent hint of interesting desserts, excellent coffee and a range of everchanging specials that smack of home from home cooking.

The Spelt grain story is so compelling, it is worth closing this piece with another bite of spelt trivia. Spelt bread averages between 14% and 15% protein, and this grain also has higher concentrations of minerals and vitamins. Herewith an extract from the website: www.nap.edu : Spelt's environmental advantages are proving even more important. "The kernel is protected against fungi or insects by the close-fitting husk," explains Christof Kling, head of wheat breeding at Hohenheim University in Stuttgart. "This means the crop is very appropriate for use in environmentally sensitive areas or where farmers want to use less pesticide, or even none at all."

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