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Rastafarian Cultural Tour

Experience the Rastafarian vibe, and learn more about there unique life philosophy. This community hosts the annual Rastafarian Earth Festival in July.

Tel:+27 (0) 76 649 1034
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TOURS:Cultural Tour
WHERE: Knysna
COST: R80pp

The Judah Squae Rastafarian village was founded in 1993, and is the latgest Rastafarian community in South Africa. You can do a walking tour of the community and overnight in the Rastafarian community.

The Rastafarian Cultural Tour celebrates the life of South Africa's largest Rasta community. Situated in a township just outside Knysna, there are more than 30 families of all nationalities living together quite happily and practising the traditions

Community walking Tour- R80.00 per person

22 Nzimeni Street Khayalethu Knysna 6570