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Knysna Segway Tours

Knysna Segway Tours is a combined green technology, sustainable and eco-friendly. Experience a unique and fun activity in Knysna for the whole family. We operate in the Greater Knysna Area with stunning views overlooking the Knysna Estuary.

Tel:+27 (0)71 512 3861
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TOURS:Guided Segway Tours
WHERE: Knysna
 We offer a one hour Guided Lake-Side Tour on a paved path with stunning views of the Estuary and Birdlife. Before each tour, guests receive a comprehensive orientation by an experienced official Segway trainer. This training takes between 15 and 20 minutes per group and covers important safety and operational procedures. The tour follows the winding paved pathway to George Rex Drive 1.2km away from the start at Mitchells Brewery. 
We use CHIC OFF-ROAD PERSONAL TRANSPORTERS: The Segway Chic Off-road Personal Transporter is exceptional easy and safe to use. A two wheeled vehicle that moves on the command of the driver leaning forward and back, left and right. As you push the control stick forward they gyroscope built in will move forward. At first you will get to grips with the strange sensation of movement but at the end of this hour's experience your confidence will grow and you'll be navigating paths and completing obstacle courses on the Segway.

Postal Address:
Po Box 147 Rheenendal 6576


Physical Address:

10 New Street, Mitchells Brewery Knysna

Postal Address:
Po Box 147 Rheenendal 6576

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