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Gericke’s Point

Gericke’s Point is a little gem on the Garden Route. Its situated 25km from Knysna (direction George) and on a day without traffic will take you about 20 minutes to drive. For the adventure seekers among you, there is a Paragliding launch site at Gericke’s Point. Go for a sunset paraglide for memories you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

HOURS: Everyday
WHERE: Turn-off at Sedgefield Links

At Gericke’s Point you can also see some of the highest fossil dunes in South Africa and there is a great 4km hike to the point and back. The point itself offers an amazing vantage point to gaze out at the endless horizon; find out when the whales have their new born calves, as this is a playground for new calves. The point is home to a resident school of Humpback dolphins so best keep your eyes open for this treat!

During low tide the ocean sinks back to reveal the oceans creature hidden in the tidal pools and it is a great adventure for all to see what sea creatures are revealed when this blanket of water is removed. You will also find a number of larger pools which provide a bit of depth and are perfect for taking a dip or snorkelling, so don’t forget your goggles.

If you are up for a nocturnal night adventure, then be sure to head over to Gericke’s Point during the full moon/new moon; when the tide is at its lowest. There is a tour leader who takes people on a walking trip from Swartvlei to Gericke’s Point to see a world of phosphorescent night dwellers. The Moonlight Meander (or Starlight Stroll, as it is affectionately known as) is a magical experience!

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