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Cola Beach

Cola Beach is one of Sedgefield’s most loved beaches. It offers visitors a beautiful and tranquil setting. It is a quiet beach and even during peak seasons the beach is never over crowded or noisy. It’s a perfect place to catch up on much needed rest, settle into a deckchair with some holiday reading and catch a tan.

HOURS: Everyday
WHERE: Sedgefield

Cola Beach is named after the suburb just behind it. Once you arrive at the parking lot, you will see a boardwalk that allows you access to the sandy shoreline below. The view from the boardwalk in itself is amazing, so take a seat on the bench provided there and marvel at the beauty.

The waves at Cola Beach can often be a bit rough (take care of strong currents too), so it’s a perfect beach for those surfing enthusiasts among you. There are also rocks at certain places on the beach which you will be able to see at low tide so take a fishing rod with for a bit of fun.

Cola Beach has a parking area and public toilets.