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Friday, 09 June 2017 02:37

Ride with a Local in #TrailTownSA

There is a local group of riders in Knysna, who have been blazing trails for the past 30 years. These pioneers of our cycling world inspired routes in our area, like the red route and other routes in Harkerville. Robbie Powell and Dr Evil himself, Leon Evans, broke the cycling yolk and inspired these routes with SANParks.

Whilst our Minister Winde is driving cycling in the Cape, few people will know that the same minister was the founder of Knysna Cycle Works in 1986. Current owner, Jacques Brink tells the story of this thirty years of drive to grow cycling in our area. “My privilege of riding the forest trails began in 1992, working as a ‘sidekick’ at Knysna Cycle Works. These pioneers shared their dreams for the cycling economy as far back as thirty years ago.” Explained Jacques, a passionate local trail blazer in Knysna. 

“We explored the forest trails, always searching for a new route that we could enjoy, never realising that as far back as 2001, 41 million people had ridden single track in the United States.”
“I see my role in this cycling drive as one of sharing local knowledge with riders that enjoy single track and undiscovered routes,” explains Jacques. “Now, my #RideWithaLocal initiative, enables visitors to pop in to the shop and join us for rides into the forest. These are not guided tours, but simply outings that we do every day as local riders. What better way for visiting mountain bikers to enjoy the local trails, than joining us on a out ride.”

Knysna Cycle Works provides the hired mountain bike and any other equipment the rider might not have brought along whilst on holiday.
Local outrides include groups of people with varying degrees of skill, so the visitor can join any group they feel would offer them a comfortable experience. “Visitors who have joined us thus far have soaked up the experience of the ride, and interestingly have cited - ‘doing what locals do’ – as much of a highlight as the ride itself.” Said Jacques

If your guests enjoy mountain biking, and are looking for an opportunity to join a local group of riders, they can contact Jacques Brink at Knysna Cycle Works to make all the necessary arrangements.


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Tuesday, 31 January 2017 09:34

Knysna Cycle Works

Join us for adventure at Knysna Cycle Works . Hire a bike from us , take one of our cycling clinics or join us for outrides . We will cycle with you and service your bikes with a smile

Jacques Brink
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