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Thursday, 29 August 2019 09:53

Tourism Month - Get your Clue Cards Here

Choose your clue card, click on the link and start Discovering Our World:

#Clue Card 1     (Includes specials at: Rexford Manor, 34 South, Knysna Elephant Park)

#Clue Card 2     (Includes specials at: Fijnbosch, Flytime, Tree of Life, Oaks on Main)

#Clue Card 3     (Includes specials at: Forest Valley, Phantom Gin, Knysna Elephant Park)

#Clue Card 4     (Includes specials at: Knysna Belle, Knysna Elephant Park, The Bell)

#Clue Card 5     (Includes specials at: Laguna Grove, Fijnbosch, Knysna Elephant Park)

#Clue Card 6     (Includes specials at: Belvidere Manor, Cycle Works, Loving Local)

#Clue Card 7     (Includes specials at: River Club, Blackwaters Golf, Simola Restaurant)

#Clue Card 8     (Includes specials at: 34 South, Tree of Life, Oaks on Main)

#Clue Card 9     (Includes specials at: Jembo's, SAASA Sanctuaries, Tree of Life)

#Clue Card 10     (Includes specials at: Thesen Lifestyle, Cycle Works, The Bell)

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