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Wednesday, 07 October 2015 08:41

Knysna & Partners encourage Service Excellence

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Date: August 6, 2015

Knysna & Partners encourage Service Excellence
Following on from the December 2014 Service Excellence drive initiated by the then Knysna Tourism, Knysna & Partners offered a fully accredited seven day SA Host Service Excellence Training Programme for its members.

“Judging by the number of participants and the fact that everyone completed the training, there is proof that our members recognised the need for this course,” said Glendyrr Fick, Knysna & Partners Trade and Development manager and course facilitator.

She added that this course was created after Knysna & Partners received requested for an accredited service excellence training course during a Meet and Greet held at Lake Pleasant Living, Sedgefield in July.

This course was sponsored by the Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DEDAT) as well as the Knysna Municipality who sponsored the venue, Brenton Community Hall.

During this seven day training course was rolled out in a period of three weeks (two days in week 1 and 2 days in week two and three days in week three). “The reason being we are aware that employees being away from their workplaces would be intruding on their operations in the workplace, hence the decision for the three weeks,” explained Du Plessis.

The 24 participants, who are all from the Greater Knysna area, and primarily from the Tourism Industry, thoroughly enjoyed the lectures that, according to them, were presented in a lively manner. “The trainer was experienced and very knowledgeable,” said Karen van der Watt, co-owner of Dover-on-Sea Guest House, Sedgefield.

Any participant who thought doing this course would be a way to get seven days to laze about was in for a surprise. “We really learnt a great deal, but I never thought that the work load would be so much. Even though the course finished on Wednesday, we still have quite a few assignments to finish and post to our Phillip [du Plessis]” said participant, Henwhil Kortje.

“The course was very interesting. We weren’t only taught how to receive visitors to our area, but how to recover from an unfortunate bad service delivery,” he said and added: “It was very interesting to learn how to deal with diversity in the work place. Phillip even dealt with bits of the South African history that helped us understand the mind-set of many people.”

Knysna & Partners CEO, Greg Vogt lauded the participants for their attendance and the businesses for recognising the importance of the course.

“I give all participants that complete this Service excellence Course a #Knys1. This course forms part of our #Knys1 initiative, an initiative that still has so much to offer Greater Knysna residents. Watch this space,” he concluded.


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