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Information about knynsa & surroundings

Information about knynsa & surroundings

Welcome to Knysna, the beating heart of the Garden Route. Wherever you have come from in the world, Knysna is sure to steal a piece of your heart. Knysna is not only a small and unique town, but it also offers up-to-date and convenient services. From getting around town to excellent medical assistance, you will feel as though you have come to your second home.

Visitor Essentials

Even though Knysna is the most temperate place in Southern Africa one must always be prepared for a change in weather. It is not uncommon to have four seasons in a day. For your trip to the beach, make sure you have a hat and sun cream, but also a wind breaker and keep an umbrella in the boot of your car just in case of a sudden downpour.

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