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The Garden Route National Park is extensive area that incorporates within its borders a collection of extraordinary and diverse natural reserves. It boasts rivers, lakes, marine protected areas, indigenous forests and more.


The countdown to the 15th Knysna Globeflight Pink Loerie Mardi Gras & Arts Festival in association with Triarc and MGSA has begun in earnest and will take place from Wednesday April 29 to Sunday May 3.


Epic Battle Looming for King of the Hill Title
Current record-holder Franco Scribante back to defend his title in the giant-killing Chevron B19
Gutzeit family will be giving it their all – father Des in highly modified Nissan Skyline GTR R32 and son Jade in lightweight Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII
Numerous other motorsport champions set to challenge for glory, including former winner Geoff Mortimer, Ian and Jaki Scheckter, and rally ace Enzo Kuun


"Knysna is turning pink! The town is looking forward to welcoming all delegates and especially our visitors. Arrangements have been made to ensure all enjoy safe travel, safety and the entertainment of our guests. We want all to have fun," - G. Vogt.


A mere 20 kilometres from Knysna is the Goukamma Nature Reserve and Marine Protected Area (MPA) - one of the prized ecological jewels of the Garden Route. When this extensive portion of land and adjacent oceanscape was proclaimed a nature reserve back in 1990, a intricate ecological community was protected in the process. Today many come to enjoy this diverse beauty.


The Farce Side is a troupe of thespians that thrive on the adrenalin that is Theatre. Drawn to dramatics and with an outlet in bi-weekly rehearsals this band of self proclaimed misfits has an aim to bring laughter and comedy to the quiet time on the Garden Route. A time when everyone is resting on their laurels after a Season well spent and girding their loins for the next wave of festive tourists.  



What started as a small local event has since grown significantly over the years, and now the Knysna Motor Show, organised by the Garden Route Motor Club, garners considerable interest, luring avid car enthusiasts from throughout South Africa.


Each year thousands of humpback (Megaptera novaeangliae) and Southern right (Eubalaena australis) whales skirt the Southern African coastline on an ancient migratory ritual. They spend their time feeding off Antarctica during summer and thereafter head northwards to mate and calve in the warmer Indian Ocean waters during our winter and spring months. This is an annual cycle.


'The Slow Festival' is not ours anymore. 'The Slow Festival', now belongs to the World! How fantastic to have been surrounded this weekend by national and international visitors and strangers who embraced, as the town locals have, our little towns way of life and the Slow Festival that has managed to keep family fun at the forefront of its manifesto.

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The autumn equinox in March marked the end of the balmy days of summer, and the deciduous leaves have begun to turn and fall. Although Knysna's temperate climate allows for many year-round outdoor pursuits, water temperatures will most certainly drop over the coming months – so may we offer a few adventure options for you to consider before the mercury heads too far south?