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The Knysna Tourism #Knys1 campaign, a local initiative aimed at promoting professional hospitality and service in an effort to make Knysna number 1 when it comes to tourism and business, was successfully launched during the Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival.

The first phase of this campaign saw a variety of Knysna businesses dress their shop fronts representing the Knysna Oyster Festival in a bid to win a R3 000 cash prize. They then encouraged Knysna Oyster Festival participants to take selfies outside their shops displaying the now well-known Knys1 hand sign.

This hand-sign saw some lefties (and uncoordinated folks) struggling. The sign is made by making the global sign for nice (thumbs up) with their right hand while simultaneously making the number one sign (index finger pointing) with the left hand. "People read from left to right so the sign should be made with the person's right thumb and left index finger," instructed the design team.

During the launch phase the team conceded that some could not get it right and wrote on the Knys1 Facebook page: "We’ve been hard at work developing this version of the #Knys1 hand sign for all you left-handers out there. Enjoy! Make a thumbs-up with your left hand. Make a 'number 1' with your right hand, smile and say, #Knysn1 (nice one)."

Once the hand-sign had been sorted out, celebrities such as Graeme Smith, Ryk Neethling and Knysna's own Mrs South Africa finalist, Jackie Wilson Lowe were photographed showing that they were having a #Knys1 during the oyster festival in front of participating stores. Several Knysna residents won prizes for posting their selfies taken in front of the stores.

The stores nominated for the R3 000 cash prize by the competition judges were Fotofirst Knysna, Knysna Cycle Works, Knysna Waterfront, Cape Union Mart, The Tin House, Cruize Cafe, Tandia Jewlers, Toni's R5 Store and Pure India.

Toni's R5 Store, Tandia Jewelers and Pure India were announced as the top three stores on July 15. The winner would be decided by the most 'likes' awarded to their entry photographs on the Knys1 Facebook page by Wednesday, July 22. At time of print the winner had not yet been announced. Visit the Knys1 Facebook page to see the results. The Knysna Tourism team are currently preparing for the second phase of the campaign and business. "#Knys1 is a unique Knysna thumbs up, where we can all endorse something that is truly Knysna. This campaign has been designed to endorse excellent service and it is an invitation to visitors to reward businesses in our town for good service. Hopefully we will have #Knys1 replacing ‘Knys ne’ and the sign and saying will be adopted by all citizens. The 'I love NY' belongs to New York and has been copied by almost everyone else without an imagination, whilst #Knys1 is truly Knysna," explained Greg Vogt, Knysna Tourism CEO.

The best 10 days of winter in Knysna, the Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival is only a few days away. What better time to launch Knysna's hottest marketing campaign, the #Knys1 campaign and the offer of winning R3 000 in doing so.This newest Knysna Tourism campaign aims to get all residents and businesses of Knysna united in a bid to offer the best tourism, service and business sense in South Africa.