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Sport is big business

Friday, 22 January 2016 03:34 Written by  Lisa Leslie
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In the last few years a remarkable increase in the number of school sporting events and club tournaments (including cricket, rugby, golf, squash, water polo and more) hosted in the Greater Knysna area has taken place. This increase is becoming increasingly evident with the hugely positive knock-on effect the school sport is having on a large number of businesses, providing a significant economic boost to our local economy.

It is estimated that during 2015 these types of school events brought 20 000 bed nights to our town.
Sporting event companies such as Sport at Backward Point believe in good old fashioned values with emphasis on good sportsmanship and fair play. Sport at Backward Point is instrumental in organising school sporting events and sporting festivals and ensures that the arrangements meet all the necessary logistical requirements for visiting teams.

The Knysna Village Cricket Festival, although not a school sporting event, is the latest addition to their annual programme of events. The chief objective of this new festival is to provide a cricketing opportunity for those (45 and older) who are no longer interested in cricket at mainstream club and/or league level. Sixteen visiting teams, two from Australia will be hosted by Sport at Backward Point during this great event.

Knysna can look forward to the upcoming Oakhill Waterfront Chukka Festival. This open-water waterpolo festival takes place at the Knysna Waterfront in in a cordoned off area of the Knysna Estuary from the 12 - 14 February (College Chukka Festival) and 19-21 February 2016 (Prep Chukka Festival). Last year’s event was extremely well attended by schools from across the country. This year the organisers expect the event to be even bigger and better.

These various sporting events provide a unique opportunity for Knysna businesses, such as restaurants and guest houses, as they benefit from targeted marketing to these visiting sportsmen and women and their families by offering special rates and enticing offers.

Stay updated on our ongoing Sporting Calendar updates on our website. www.visitingknysna.co.za

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