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Summertime = Beach Time

Thursday, 01 December 2016 14:29 Written by  Lisa Leslie
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Things are heating up in the Garden Route and scores of holiday revellers are already making their way down to our Garden Route shores. This is hardly surprising considering we have some of the most enticing stretches of coastline in the country. Beach goers are spoilt for choice, so whether you’re looking for a busy beach humming with activity and festive spirit or a more remote beach with just a few souls, we have one to suit everyone's taste.

So, before you decide where to go in the Greater Knysna area to soak up the sun breathe the salt air, ride the waves, and feel the sand beneath your feet, read our informative beach guide below!

Coney Glen Beach
Knysna is better known for its estuary than its beaches, but it does boast this unique little spot near the Knysna heads. This beach is less about sand and more about the spectacular sandstone cliffs that rise up all around it. Tidal pools will delight at low tide and the dynamic aperture to the estuary is a breathtaking sight. Not advisable during rough seas.

Bollard Bay Beach
This is Leisure Isle’s secret treasure set on the banks of the Knysna Estuary and is considered a relatively safe location for young swimmers, although, because it is a tidal system, the currents can get strong, so remain cautious. It is the perfect spot from which to gaze out at the beauty of this liquid landscape.

Brenton Beach
This is very popular beach in Brenton on Sea and a favourite among families and fishermen. There are lots of rocks to clamber on and little tidal pools to cool off in at low tide. The sea here is subject to strong rip currents so caution needs to be taken at all times.
Life guards: Yes (in season)
Ablutions: Yes

Buffalo Bay Beach.
This is without a doubt the most popular sand and surf destination in our area, both out and in season (when it is particularly busy). It is a hub for water sports activities; surfers, SUP boarders, kayakers and swimmers. It is a relatively sheltered beach that is not as subjected to the strong currents that plague much of our coastline and is therefore ideal for swimming on most days.

Life guards: Yes (in season)
Ablutions: Yes
Restaurant and Store.

Goukamma Beach
This beach is one long (14km) stretch of unadulterated beauty. It lies within the Goukamma Nature Reserve and Marine Protected Area and is frequented only by fishermen and a handful of hikers, making it the perfect beach to soothe the soul. Dolphins feed along the rocky reefs here almost daily. The entire length of the beach is inaccessible during a spring high tide, so make sure you check the tide tables if you plan to hike its stretch. Strong rip currents prevail here.
Life Guards: No
Ablutions: No

Platbank Beach

This is Sedgefield’s most secluded beach and it is characterised by rocky outcrops and lofty fossilised dunes of incredible beauty. It is easily accessible by foot from Myoli but can also be accessed by car if one takes the turn off towards Lake Pleasant Hotel off the N2, and follows the winding dirt road until it ends. Tides and currents can be very strong and it isn't advisable to swim here.
Lifeguards: No

Cola Beach
Yet another quiet Sedgefield Beach but for the lone fisherman and beach stroller. The access to Cola Beach is from a parking lot off Claude Urban Drive and there is a long set of stairs down to the beach. It has a good viewpoint at the top where there is a bench to sit upon and gaze out towards the big blue.
Lifeguards: No
Ablutions: No

Myoli Beach
This is one of Sedgefield’s most popular beaches, particularly in season, but even then it is not unpleasantly crowded. As with other similar stretches of our dynamic coastline, very strong rip currents are common here and caution needs to be taken at all times. The beach spills into the Afrovibe Backpackers and Pili Pili Beach Bar, making it by far the most vibey beach desination in the area.
Lifeguards: Yes, in season.
Ablutions: Yes

Sedgefield Mouth
This is where the Swartvlei River meets the Indian Ocean, and it is popular with locals and tourists, but the conditions here are dynamic and unpredictable, depending on both the tides and the nature of the channel. It provides a welcome shelter from the wind on some days when the other beaches are too blustery.
Lifeguards: Yes, in season.
Ablutions: Yes

Swartvlei Beach
This beach is situated on the western end of Sedgefield and is popular both in and out of season. The beach extends left towards the iconic Gericke’s Point landmark, which is an exceptionally beautiful place to visit at low tide. It boasts several sublime tidal pools rich in intertidal life, some of which are perfect for snorkelling. Please note the sea here is known for its strong rip currents, so swimmers must be cautious at all times and it is advisable not to swim alone.
Lifeguards: Yes, in season.
Ablutions: Yes

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