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Mild and Wild Adventures - 6th Edition

Thursday, 29 December 2016 09:21 Written by  Lisa Leslie
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Summer is in full swing and over the next couple of months, Knysna & Partners will be highlighting many of the varied activities which can be enjoyed throughout the Greater Knysna area over the season, from wild adrenaline-fuelling pursuits to milder, more relaxing options.

Wild (but only slightly) Adventure– Kayaking up the Knysna River

This guided kayaking tour will take you up the magical cola-coloured Knysna River, which feeds into the Knysna Estuary. The first part of the journey is tidal and will take you past looming sandstone cliffs and banks strewn with river boulders.

Further upstream, you will cross a weir which pools the river into a large holding dam. The river channel narrows further up and becomes more serpentine in its path. The river here is flanked by lush indigenous forest and impressive river gauges. You will navigate its course from pool to pool with small rapid sections in between.

One of the best aspects of this river kayaking trail is that you will encounter very few souls along the way, except perhaps for vervet monkeys, baboons, mongoose or a bush buck. You will also be accompanied throughout the trail by the birdsong of the Knysna loerie, Narine Trogen or the majestic call of the Fish Eagle. This adventure brings together several of Knysna's most celebrated attributes: indigenous forest, cola-coloured river systems, birdlife, sandstone cliffs and much more. It is an ideal way to spend a summer day (or a winter one for that matter.)
R350 p/p -Booking essential
Time: 3pm to 5:30pm
Call 0724740210 or visit www.duneadventures.co.za

Mild Adventure – A Knysna Forest Hike
Knysna is best known for its extensive tracts of indigenous forest and there are few things in life as rewarding as being in the heart of one. These verdant realms cloak such a wide variety of life and there is always something interesting to see, touch, smell and hear. There are a myriad of well blazed trails from which to choose throughout the Greater Knysna region, all them flanked by beautiful tree specimens that rise up in unison from leaf-littered floors. Take your time to stop and marvel at the intricate web of life thriving on and near the forest floor. You may cross small tea-coloured streams, skirt valleys of large forest ferns and banks covered in pretty bracken fern. You may be lucky to come across one of our revered forest elders – the Outeniqua Yellowwood's - some of which are 800 years and older. One of most spectacular examples of these is the King Edward VII tree which is rooted in the Diepwalle Forest. It rises 40m metres from the forest floor, has a spreading crown of 32m and a bole circumference of 7m.

One of the most popular forest destinations is Jubilee Creek in the Goudveld Forest and if you are looking to spend a day embraced entirely by nature, this is the perfect setting in which to do it. It is situated on the banks of a gentle stream which cuts through a valley of lush indigenous forest. Dotted along this stream are lots of picnic spots from which to choose.
There are a couple very enjoyable walks to enjoy in this section of forest, a 3.1km walk or a longer 9km trail for those fitter adventure buffs. Both walks resound with birdsong and other forest life and are full of fascinating forest features to enjoy. This is Knysna’s natural world at its best!
For more information: www.sanparks.co.za

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