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Inspiring Workshops at the AvoPomme Creative Hub

Thursday, 19 January 2017 11:27 Written by  Lisa Leslie
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The dates have just been set for the first in a series of very exciting workshops to be held at the new AvoPomme Creative Hub in Woodmill Lane. Hosted by Knyslifefstyle (a stylish online magazine), these workshops are designed to inspire, uplift and to get all those creative juices flowing.

The creative powerhouse duo and founders of “Knyslifestyle”, Bernice Haman and Ricardo Van Lingen, believe that there is workshop potential in almost every aspect of our lives. From the obvious like art, sewing, knitting or cooking - to the vital day-to-day things like easy e-filing and social media etiquette. They collaborate with the best local tutors in each respective field and their aim is to give you a fun, social and inspiring experience which you will walk away from both thrilled and in possession of some awesome new knowledge and skill.

Kim Gaylord, a specialist in the field of early childhood development for almost 30 years and the founder of Sunbird School which is a Nature and Play based preschool, will be introducing to you the universal pattern of growth and the stages of natural development in children’s drawings. In the 1st session of this workshop, Kim will show you how to recognise your child’s stage of development in their drawings, what it means, and how you can best foster your child’s creativity.
The 2nd session is a practical art encounter where you will work with different materials and have an opportunity to experience a “free to express” open art experience.


Sarah Huddy has been involved in the continuously expanding social media sphere since 2012 which has led to a career in social media consulting. Together with her background in law and teaching, she brings her talent and enthusiasm for social media to her courses.
Sarah will show you how to set up and share your personal or business blog. From choosing a blogging platform, defining your objectives and creating content, she covers what you need to build a successful blog. This workshop is for personal and business bloggers who want to share their voice and services to an online community.

MONDAY MUSE CREATIVE WRITING [06.02.17/06.03.17/02.04.17] R480.00
This workshop is designed to help you discover your artistic expression and feed your creativity, access your creative brain, trust the writer in you and love your writing, write on demand (any time any place) and seduce your creative brain.
Workshop facilitator Terry Ellen is poet and a Muse, with a post graduate degree in English Literature, an avid reader and reviewer, and a dedicated bubbly quaffer. She will guide you through some of her tools and tricks to get your creative writing going. This workshop is perfect for everyone who wants to access creativity through writing.

Colette Murphy has been in the cake industry since 2009. She first discovered her natural knack for cake deco in her and her husband’s popular Knysna based bakery and coffee shop. She has gone on to master her skill and became the owner and cake artist of Plum Tree Cakes in 2014. Many hundreds of stunning and breathtaking cakes later, she now specialises in wedding cakes. Colette will guide you step by step in a hands-on workshop on how to decorate with fondant and piping decor with royal icing. You will learn how to make basic fondant flowers, cover cupcakes with fondant and different tips and techniques with these mediums. You’ll have fun making your own gorgeous cupcake masterpieces with the tools provided that you get to take home.

In this workshop you will learn about the sense of smell, history of perfumery, and the processes used to capture aromatics from well known local Nanna Joubert, a Horticulturist who once worked at the Swellendam Museum and as a curator at Villiersdorp Wildfower Garden. With a background in art she went on to work as a landscape designer specializing in indigenous plants in the Cape Town area and later in Mossel Bay.
She has intensely researched natural perfumery, collected a wide range of essential oils and other perfumery ingredients and experimented with methods of extracting aromatics and the creation of perfumes. A natural progression to flavourants and the wish for a healthy naturally flavoured and unsweetened drink, led to the creation of Four Flowers Water.
Nanna will give you the opportunity to smell a selection of exotic and unusual extracts and show some of the extraction methods such as distillation and enfleurage.

SOCIAL MEDIA FOR BUSINESS [15.02.17] – R480.00
Learn how to best utilise social media to promote your business objectives. Sarah Huddy, who also facilitates the Intro to Blogging workshop, analyses the various benefits and risks associated with social media for small business. Learn how to best utilise social media to further your business objectives, maximize your marketing budget and create content. Sarah will show you how to effectively manage your online reputation and offer value to new and existing customers.

BLOGGING AS A BUSINESS [01.03.17] - R480.00
In this workshop, Sarah Huddy will show you the various ways of profiting from blogging.
Sarah will show you how to earn an income from your personal or business blog. Whether you are building your personal online brand or promoting an existing business, learn how to estimate your worth, create revenue streams and market your blog. This course is open to new and experienced bloggers. It is recommended that you have attended the Introduction to Blogging workshop to gain an understanding and background to blogging.

In this workshop, learn how to best utilise Instagram to promote your business. Instagram is a social media platform which allows you to inspire your customer, and to be inspired. Sarah Huddy discusses the benefits and limitations of this social media platform for business, and how it can promote your objectives. Learn how to style your product for visual effect, basic photography, and schedule content.

For more information visit: http://knyslifestyle.com/workshops/

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