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Harness the wind with a Blokarting experience at Buffalo Bay

Friday, 07 October 2016 02:16 Written by  Lisa Leslie
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When the wind is pumping but you still want to enjoy Knysna's great outdoors this summer, we recommend you head down to Buffalo Bay beach for a thrilling land-sailing experience. Dave Davies is the Garden Route's official Blokart representative and has years of experience instructing beginners both young and old. Dave is a veteran sailor and has been sailing various crafts since his late teens. He has been sailing Blokarts since 2008 and now lives in Knysna and regularly sails at various sites along the Garden Route.

A Blokart is a type of land yacht, comprising of a light and compact three wheeled buggy, a mast and a sail. It is relatively lightweight and unlike many other land yachts, the Blokart is steered using the hands via a centrally mounted bar directly coupled to the front wheel. They are highly manoeuvrable and are thus able to be used in small spaces such as a car park or a small section of beach.

It was designed by an inventor by the name of Paul “Guru” Beckett from Papamoa in New Zealand in 1999, and the first commercial blokart operation commenced the following year. The fundamental design has remained virtually unchanged and many thousands have been made and shipped worldwide.

Blokarting has become an extremely popular pastime and a highly competitive sport around the world, particularly in NZ, Australia, USA and Europe. It is increasingly gaining momentum here in South Africa too. There is now a Blokart World Championship, which takes place every two years. Five World Championships have taken place thus far. The first one was held in New Zealand in 2008 and this year it was held in Ivanpah, near Las Vegas, USA.

What makes this activity so appealing as a recreational pastime, is that is suitable for kids of 8 to adults of 88 years old (minimum height of 1,3 metres) and with just a little instruction you will be one your way, harnessing the power of the wind along the white sands of Buffalo Bay beach, one of the most picturesque and popular swimming beaches in our area.

Blokart sailing is entirely dependent on the right wind conditions coinciding with a low tide and it is difficult to make bookings far in advance. Phone ahead to make sure the conditions are conducive to land sailing! Safety is a priority and a helmet is provided. When conditions are suitable, Dave posts on the local Face Book page, Garden Route Blokart and GardenRouteBlokart on Twitter.

Contact: Dave on 082 900 6721 or email him on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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