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Skål International honours Knysna Tourism Chairperson

Friday, 16 March 2018 09:48 Written by  Jeannine Orzechowski
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Left to right: Skål National President Niel Els, Elmay Bouwer and Skål Winelands President Robyn Daneel Spicer Left to right: Skål National President Niel Els, Elmay Bouwer and Skål Winelands President Robyn Daneel Spicer

Elmay Bouwer, Chairperson of Knysna Tourism has been awarded the Karl Twiggs Floating Trophy by Skål International South Africa, in honour of “a valuable contribution to the tourism Industry”.

The award was made at a gala dinner at Vendôme Wine Estate in Paarl on Saturday night, 10 March, which was attended by Skål members from across the country, including Cape Town, the Winelands, Garden Route, Nelson Mandela Bay, Durban and Pretoria, all of whom are tourism and hospitality business owners and professionals.
Spokesperson for Skål, Pam Snyman, who was the recipient of the award last year, said that the floating trophy was awarded to Bouwer because of her passion for tourism, and Skal International which she works tirelessly to promote.

Said Snyman: “I’m delighted that Elmay won. She has done so much for Knysna Tourism and I think it is wonderful that Elmay has been recognised.”
Contenders for the award do not have to be members of Skål International South Africa, but must be involved in tourism. The adjudicators are Skål National President, National Vice President, International Councillor, National Secretary and National Treasurer.

Elmay Bouwer is a member of Skål Garden Route Club. Skål International Garden Route won the club of the year for 2018.

Bouwer said that she felt very honoured to receive this award and “very, very proud. My tourism journey this past year was not easy and was filled with challenges in my personal life, my business life and as chairperson of the Knysna Tourism board. But two things kept me going: my amazing life and business partner Paul Theron and the support, passion and spirit of our town's people.

“I’m also extremely grateful to my fellow Skålleauges, who gave so much support to Knysna and myself during the fires of 7 June last year. Their support was my inspiration.
“My wish is that winning this award will be an inspiration for others. Our passion is our strength,” she said.


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