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Friday, 16 June 2017 11:01 Written by  Knysna Tourism
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On Thursday Knysna Tourism launched the #KnysnaRises logo which shows the Knysna loerie/ turaco rising like a phoenix from the “flames” and was inspired by the message that Knysna is rising, it is not destroyed, as many people believe, but is open for business and welcoming visitors.

Dominic Morel of 2Heads Advertising says the inspiration for the logo was all around him. "To see a town pull together like this is amazing, so sitting down to design it was a pleasure. The obvious choice was the traditional 'Phoenix-Rising-From-The-Ashes', but the design had to have a local twist (the Loerie) and fit with Knysna Tourism's CI (corporate identity)".

Morel says that the work on the #KnysnaRises campaign creative was also done free of charge: "Tourism, like so many thousands of individuals, was an incidental victim of the fire. We have all volunteered to help during, and after the disaster, and assisting Knysna to get this message out is no different. I love this town... it's that simple.”

"I'm blown away by the positive feedback on social media... people 'get it', and I feel honoured to be a part of it," adds Morel.

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